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2022 FBA removal and disposal order fee changes

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The adjusted removal and disposal order fees shown below take effect on January 18, 2022.

Before January 18, 2022 January 18, 2022, and after
Size tier Shipping weight Removal or disposal fee per unit Removal or disposal fee per unit
Standard-size 0 to 0.5 lb $0.32 $0.52
0.5+ to 1.0 lb $0.35 $0.75
1.0+ to 2.0 lb $0.48 $1.14
More than 2 lb $0.67 + $0.35/lb above 2 lb $1.51 + $0.63/lb above 2 lb
Oversize and special handling items* 0 to 1.0 lb $0.60 $1.50
1+ to 2.0 lb $0.72 $1.96
2.0+ to 4.0 lb $1.26 $2.89
4.0+ to 10.0 lb $2.32 $5.05
More than 10.0 lb $3.50 + $0.35/lb above 10 lb $7.25 + $0.63/lb above 10 lb

*Special handling items may include apparel, shoes, watches, jewelry, and dangerous goods

Frequently asked questions

Will the changes for removal and disposal order fees apply to orders placed before January 18, 2022?

FBA removal and disposal fees are calculated when an order is placed, and they are charged at that rate when the shipments leave Amazon fulfillment centers. As a result, if a request is placed before January 18, 2022, but the inventory is removed or disposed on or after that date, the new FBA fees will not apply.

Do these changes apply to items in the FBA Small and Light program?

Yes, the standard FBA fees for monthly inventory storage, removal and disposal orders, and the returns processing fee apply to products enrolled in Small and Light.

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