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Creating Experiments

Get started with experiments

Manage Your Experiments lets you run A/B tests (also known as split tests) on the A+ content on your brand’s listings. Experiments help you optimize your conversion by identifying high-performing content. By running experiments, you can learn how to build better content that appeals to your customers and drives more sales.

During the experiment, visitors to the detail page are randomly split into two groups. One group sees Version A of content, while the other sees Version B, for the entire experiment. This means that experiments are notrotating content over time. Instead, both versions of content are always showing during the experiment, but to different groups of customers. This also means that promotions, deals, or other short-term sales and events should have little or no effect on your results.

Results will be updated periodically, and tell you which version of content was better (based on driving more sales).

Important: To access Manage Your Experiments, you must be a brand owner.


Our tool will list which of your ASINs are eligible for experiments. To be eligible, an ASIN must:

  1. Have very high traffic and sales velocity, and
  2. Belong to a brand that you own, and
  3. Already have published A+ content

Most commonly, ASINs aren’t eligible because they don’t have enough traffic/sales velocity. This requirement is in place to improve the statistical validity of your results. See our tips for driving additional traffic to your ASINs to make them eligible for experiments.

Set up an experiment

  1. Select an eligible reference ASIN for the experiment. This reference ASIN has the A+ content published that you want to experiment on.
  2. Name your experiment. Then, select a start date and duration for the experiment. You can change the duration at any time, even while the experiment is running, or end the experiment early.
  3. Select Version A of content from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Version B of content from the drop-down menu.
    • Typically, you’ll have to create new content to use as Version B. The easiest way to do this is to click the link on our page that says ‘Start by duplicating Version A’. That will create a copy of your Version A content with the same set of ASINs (both versions of content must have the same ASINs applied to submit a valid experiment).
  5. Submit your experiment.
Tip: Before submitting your new content, the A+ content manager will ask you if you want to override the existing content on the detail page. You should accept this override. The override is temporary; when the experiment starts, both versions of content will be showing on the detail page.

What are good experiments?

The best experiments share these characteristics:

  1. Version A and Version B are very different from each other. For example, they use different modules, different orders of modules, and different images and text inside the content. When you test very different content, any performance differences detected are more likely to be real, not caused by random chance.
  2. The duration of the experiment is 10 weeks. This allows us time to collect as much data as possible.

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