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Product size tiers for FBA Onsite

FBA Onsite fulfillment fees are based on the weight and dimensions of the packaged item – known as the product size tier.

Important: For multi-channel fulfillment orders, see Fulfillment fees for multi-channel fulfillment orders.

Standard-size versus oversize

A standard-size item is one that, when fully packaged, weighs 20 lb or less and does not exceed:

  • 18 inches on its longest side
  • 14 inches on its median side
  • 8 inches on its shortest side

Any item exceeding these dimensions is considered oversize.

Important: If a product is sold as a set, the weight and dimensions are the combined total of all of the items in the set packaged together.

Determine the product size tier for your item

To determine the correct tier for your item, find the row in the table below with measurements that do not exceed the weight or the dimensions of your item.

For standard-size products that weigh 1 lb or less, and for special oversize products, use the unit weight. For all other products, use the larger of either the single unit weight or the dimensional weight. The dimensional weight is equal to the unit volume (length x width x height) divided by 139. The dimensional weight for oversize items assumes a minimum width and height of 2 inches.

To calculate the length plus girth:

  1. Measure the length, height, and width of the packaged unit.
  2. Calculate the girth by adding the shortest and median sides and multiplying by 2.
  3. Add the longest side and girth.

Maximum weights and dimensions for packaged items in FBA Onsite

Product size tier Weight Longest side Median side Shortest side Length + girth
Large standard-size (under 1 lb) 1 lb 15 inches 12 inches 0.75 inches n/a
Large standard-size (over 1 lb) 20 lb 18 inches 14 inches 8 inches n/a
Small oversize 70 lb 60 inches 30 inches n/a 130 inches
Medium oversize 150 lb 108 inches n/a n/a 130 inches
Large oversize 150 lb 108 inches n/a n/a 165 inches
Special oversize* Over 150 lb Over 108 inches n/a n/a Over 165 inches
Important: Amazon may verify the weight and dimensions of a product using representative samples. Amazon’s information about a product’s weight and dimensions will be used to calculate fees if there is a difference between Amazon’s information and a seller’s information. Amazon may change its information about a product’s weight and dimensions from time to time to reflect updated measurements. Fees based on the weight and dimensions of a product are calculated using Amazon’s information about the weight and dimensions of that product at the time the fee is calculated.

*Special oversize

The special oversize tier applies to products that must be delivered using special delivery options due to their size, weight, special handling requirements, or other restrictions. Products are classified and charged as special oversize if any of the following is true:

  • Dimensions are greater than 108 inches on the longest side
  • Unit weight or dimensional weight is greater than 150 lb
  • Length + girth is greater than 165 inches
  • Amazon has determined that the product requires special handling to ensure a good customer experience

Changing a product's weight or dimensions

When you are the only seller of an ASIN and you need to change your product's weight or dimensions, contact Seller Support and explain that you need to update the measurements. If you currently have inventory for the product, you may need to sell through it before the new weight and dimensions show.

Note: Amazon stores weight and dimensions at the ASIN level. We cannot target a specific unit for measurement. When multiple sellers sell the same ASIN, the weight and dimensions information may not represent your specific units.
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