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Refund at First Scan (RFS) for seller-fulfilled returns

Amazon issues a refund at first scan for items returned through Amazon’s Prepaid Returns Label program. With refund at first scan, a buyer receives a refund when the returned item is dropped off at a designated carrier location using the Amazon prepaid return label issued. Returns that are self-ship or use a merchant paid label are not eligible for a refund at first scan.

Frequently asked questions

What actions do I need to take to offer my customers a refund at first scan?

There is no action required from you to offer your customers a refund at first scan. Return requests auto-authorized through Amazon’s prepaid return label program is automatically eligible for RFS.

Can I opt out of refund at first scan ?

Refund at First Scan is mandatory for Fulfilment by Amazon and merchant-fulfilled sellers as part of our efforts to offer a consistent and seamless customer returns experience.

How will I know if my customer is issued a refund at first scan?

You will be notified of all refunds processed via Refund at First Scan (RFS) through refund notification emails from Amazon.

For returns where Amazon issued an RFS on your behalf, you can view the details in Seller Central as follows:

  • Click View more details to view ‘Prior refund: Applied’ and ‘Resolution: Refund at First Scan’ badges against the return request.
  • Click Issue refund to view the amount of the prior refund applied against each line item (item cost, outbound shipping, and return shipping fee).

How is the refund amount calculated?

Our Amazon return and refund policies will apply while calculating the refund amount for RFS eligible orders. For seller-faulted defective or damaged return reasons, customers are issued a full refund.

What if I have already issued a partial refund to the buyer?

For returns that contain a partial refund, a refund at first scan will not be issued.

Who bears the return shipping cost in case of RFS-eligible orders?

Return shipping costs are determined by Amazon return and refund policies. Under this policy, return shipping fee (equivalent to the prepaid label cost) is not deducted from refund issued for items eligible for free and non-Prime order returns that buyers select ‘seller fault’ as the reason for return. For all other return reasons, cost of return shipping fee is borne by the buyer.

For all return requests where a RFS is issued and buyer had paid outbound shipping costs, the outbound shipping amount is refunded to the customer, irrespective of fault.

What happens if the returned item is lost or I receive a materially different item after the customer is issued a refund at first scan?

If you receive a damaged or materially different return due to customer fault, you can file a SAFE-T claim on Seller Central within 60 days of a refund charge to your account. Use the Seller Central refund workflow to provide grading details of the item you received and attach relevant pictures showing the damage to the item while submitting your claim.

For items lost or damaged in transit, the seller is responsible for filing a claim directly with the carrier to receive a reimbursement.

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