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Standard operating procedures and performance standards for Prime Now sellers

Catch-weight items

For catch-weight items (other than PLU Products, defined below), you will offer these items within a weight range and at a price that reflects the highest price within the weight range (e.g. 1-1.25 lbs of ground beef priced by you at $10 per lb would be offered to the customer at $12.50). You will give the customer an item within the specified weight range, and the price to the customer and payment to you will be adjusted to reflect the printed label on the selected item.

PLU products

For purposes of this Agreement, "PLU products" means your products without readable barcodes that are sold by weight and typically measured and priced during the checkout process (commonly referred to as "price lookup" products). You will offer PLU products at a per-unit price set by you. As part of the Product Information for each PLU product, you will provide a price per unit, equal to your price per pound multiplied by the average weight per unit.

Substitutions of your products

The Customer Application may permit customers to choose items for which they will allow substitutes. In order to best support the customer, you and Amazon will cooperate to determine a process to address substitutions, which may involve the inclusion of substitute items in the inventory feed provided by you, sending customer free-form notes to the picker to make substitution decisions, and/or other mutually agreed upon solutions. All substitute items must meet or exceed the quality and quantity of the item originally selected by the customer. You will charge the customer the price of the substitute item. Amazon will reconcile the payment of any price differences between the original items and substitute items.

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