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Returns Provider program

Amazon launched the Returns Provider program especially for international sellers shipping to US customers who currently do not have a US domestic return address, thereby making it costly and operationally difficult for them to manage returns on their own. The Returns Provider program is comprised of service providers who provide returns management services and can handle the return process on your behalf.

Through the Returns Provider program, you can choose from a selection of service providers based on your returns-related needs. All service providers have US domestic warehouses where they will receive returns shipments. Once you have established an agreement with a service provider, your default return address will automatically be updated to your selected service provider’s domestic warehouse address. This will allow Amazon to issue an Amazon Prepaid Return Label (APRL) for your returns with the domestic shipping address of the service provider’s warehouse. Based on the specific returns services in your contract, the service providers could receive and grade the returned items to assess its condition and can offer value recovery services such as reselling, repairs, and liquidation, and pass on the recovery value to you.

You are not required to use the services of any service provider for returns-related services. Any agreement for services is between you and the service provider. Amazon is not party to any services agreement and does not make any representations or have any responsibility or liability with respect to the services agreement.

Frequently asked questions

How can I use the Returns Provider program?

To enroll in the Returns Provider program:

  1. Log into Seller Central, go to Orders, and then click Manage Returns.
  2. Click Edit returns settings, and then select Return Program Settings and look for the Returns Provider program tab.

On this page, you will see a list of service providers and a description of their services and pricing information. Look over the information and select the service provider that fits your returns needs through the Contact Provider(s) button. This will help establish communication with the service provider. The service provider receiving your message will then reach out to you within approximately 2 business days via email or phone to talk about working together. The service provider will accordingly update the portal with progress on the requests. Once an agreement has been finalized between you and the service provider, the service provider will update your service request to Work Started. You can view your existing service requests and their status on Manage Service Requests. At this point, Amazon will update your default return address to the service provider’s domestic warehouse address. You will also get an email confirming the service provider enrollment and the address change.

What are the benefits of using a service provider who is a part of the Returns Provider program?

Amazon has reviewed and examined the service providers’ information to ensure that they would be able to help meet the needs of returns-related services in the Returns Provider program. These providers are familiar with the type of challenges you face as a seller when it comes to managing returns.

Will Amazon provide guidance on how to select a service provider?

Amazon is not able to provide advice on which service provider to choose. However, you can choose service providers in a self-serve manner by going through their service descriptions and rate cards, and comparing service providers by viewing seller reviews, ratings, and number of orders completed. Amazon does not endorse any service provider or its services.

What is the fee structure on the Returns Provider services?

The fee structure varies across the service providers who participate in this program. All fees are between you and the relevant provider. Amazon does not determine prices or participate in any pricing related discussion between you and the service provider.

Is the contract through Amazon or directly with the service provider?

You will sign a contract directly with the service provider. Any agreement for services is between you and the service provider. Amazon is not party to any services agreement and does not make any representations or have any responsibility or liability with respect to the services agreements. Any issues or questions related to services should be directed to the service provider.

Will I have to enroll in the Amazon Prepaid Return Label (APRL) program?

As per Amazon policy, all US sellers are automatically enrolled into the Amazon Prepaid Return Label program. Using the US domestic return address either provided by you or established as part of your use of a service provider, Amazon will issue a shipping label on your behalf with the service provider’s address to the customer, ensuring the customer has a seamless return experience.

For more information, see Prepaid returns for seller-fulfilled orders.

For information on shipping costs through the APRL program, see Shipping costs for seller-fulfilled returns.

How will my customers get their refund issued?

Items that are returned using APRL will be issued a Refund at First Scan (RFS) for eligible returns. In cases where Amazon does not issue an RFS, you are required to follow the standard process of issuing a refund within two business days of receipt of a return at the service provider’s warehouse or, if you do not use a service provider, at your designated address to receive returns. If you do not take appropriate action on refund issuance, Amazon will refund the customer on your behalf and charge the amount to your Seller account.

For more information on refunds, see Issue refunds and concessions for seller-fulfilled orders.

What happens if the returned item is lost or I receive a materially different item after the customer is issued a refund?

In the event that you receive a return that is customer damaged or materially different, you may refer to the Reimbursement policy for Prepaid Return Labels (PRL) in the seller-fulfilled network to file the SAFE-T claim in Seller Central within 60 days of a refund being charged to your account.

Can I contract with multiple service providers?

Yes. Your default return address will be set to the latest service provider’s address. You may use the other service providers’ addresses to set up overrides to support multiple return addresses in the US store only. You can either configure a rule or specify SKUs for which you want to use a different service providers’ return address.

For more information, see Multiple return addresses.

Will I be able to update my return address any time after my service provider enrollment?

Yes, you can update your default return address anytime with another return address.

What should I do if I want to stop using a service provider who is part of the Returns Provider program?

You should contact your service provider to terminate the agreement and stop the services provided.

Once you have terminated the agreement with a service provider, the service provider will notify Amazon of the termination, and your default return address will then be automatically set to the return address last provided and updated by you before a service provider engagement was established. If you do not have a return address in your address book, we will update your default return address to your business address.

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