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Box-Level Inventory Placement

Box-Level Inventory Placement helps improve the distribution of your products across Amazon’s fulfillment network. For eligible inventory that you send to Amazon, we use your box-level information to streamline shipping to fulfillment centers so that your products are stored closer to customers.

The box content information that you provide determines whether your shipment is eligible for box-level placement. Eligible shipments are separated into multiple box groups, with each group sharing the same destination address. There is no additional cost to you.

If box-level placement applies to your shipment, Multiple destinations will appear under the Ship to heading in your shipping plan. You create shipments as you normally would and don’t have to send to multiple destinations.

Note: Your shipping plan may take a few minutes to update. Don’t close your browser until the update is complete.

Partnered carrier shipments

For Partnered Carrier program shipments, we work with the carrier to handle your shipment, with no impact on your carrier operations and costs. Your shipping labels will show different fulfillment centers, allowing the partnered carrier to streamline the shipping of your products by box group.

Note: Box-Level Inventory Placement is not yet available for shipments via a non-partnered carrier. We will notify you when these shipments are available for box-level placement.

Shipment tracking

To track your Box-Level Inventory Placement shipments, do the following:

  1. Go to your Shipping Queue.
  2. Click Track shipment for the relevant shipment.
  3. Click the Summary tab (if not already selected) under Send/Replenish Inventory.
  4. Click the Shipment events tab.
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