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Grocery & Gourmet Fee Changes - Frequently Asked Questions

For a limited time, we are providing a referral fee discount on eligible Grocery & Gourmet products. You can find which products are eligible in your selection by checking the Fee Preview column within the Manage Inventory page. For more information, see the following to understand how the referral fee discount could benefit you.

What changes are being made to Grocery & Gourmet products in the US?

On October 15, 2017, we announced a one-year referral fee reduction from 15% to 8% for all Grocery & Gourmet products with a total sales price of $15 or less. The total sales price is the price paid by the buyer, which includes the item price and any shipping and gift-wrap charges.

As we partner with you to help grow your online Grocery business, we have decided to extend this fee promotion through December 31, 2019 (PST), giving you an additional 15 months of fee savings.

Is this referral fee update limited to only some sellers?

The referral fee update applies to all Professional sellers with normal and active accounts.

Does the referral fee update only apply to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

No, the referral fee update applies to all sales on Grocery & Gourmet products, including those fulfilled through FBA and MFN.

Can you give me an example of how to calculate the new fee?

The following examples show how the referral fee will be calculated for Grocery & Gourmet products:

Total sales price Referral fee percentage Referral fee
$1.00 8% $0.08
$10.00 8% $0.80
$15.00 8% $1.20
$16.00 15% $2.40
$100.00 15% $15.00

Can the promotion be partially applied? For example, if a product is $15.01, do I get a discounted referral fee on $15.00 and a full referral fee on the $0.01?

No, the referral fee does not apply if the customer pays over $15.00.

If shipping or gift-wrap increases the price over $15, will I get charged the regular 15% referral fee on that transaction?

Yes, since the total sales price paid by the customer (item price + shipping + gift-wrap) will be higher than $15.00.

Where will I be able to see the charged referral fee?

Your referral fee will appear as it does now, as a Referral Fee line item in your Payments report. Additionally, you can find the referral fee discount on eligible products in the Fee Preview column within the Manage Inventory page.

Is there a report available with a list of eligible products?

No, but you can get a list of products over $15.00 on the Manage Inventory page. Once the product list displays, click on the Additional filters drop-down, select Price greater than, and enter 15.00 in the text field.

For information on standard referral fee rates, see the Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.

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