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On-time delivery FAQ

How is OTD calculated?

To calculate the percentage of packages delivered on time, we divide the number of tracked packages that were delivered on time, as confirmed by the carrier, by the number of packages that have valid tracking information. Your on-time delivery rate typically reflects your shipping performance data as of two weeks prior to the date you view the rate. This allows carriers time to update delivery confirmation data in their databases. Please note, if a package is confirmed as shipped after the estimated delivery date, the package is not considered to be delivered on time.

What are the requirements for an order to be considered as delivered on time?

  • Packages must be delivered on or before the promised delivery date that appears on Seller Central.
  • Packages have a valid tracking number.
  • You use carriers that are integrated with Amazon. To find a list of integrated carriers, go to the Valid tracking rate help page. These carriers provide real-time tracking status to Amazon.
  • Verify that the carrier name and tracking ID are entered correctly and belong to the same carrier.
  • Tracking information is confirmed, and updated if necessary, before the carrier delivers the package. Ideally it is confirmed or updated as soon as the package is handed over to the carrier.

What are the best practices to successfully upload tracking information on seller central?

  • For the carrier name, verify the following:
    • Check that you are using a carrier that is integrated with Amazon.
    • Check that you selected a carrier from the dropdown menu in the Manage Orders page if you confirmed your shipment from “Manage your order”.
    Note: If you manually add a carrier name in the free-form text field “Other” and that carrier is integrated with Amazon, your tracking will be marked as invalid. You must use the drop-down menu to select carriers who are integrated with Amazon.
  • If you confirm your shipments using bulk upload feeds, we recommend that you follow the instructions on the Confirm multiple shipments with feeds help page[EJ4] .
  • Check that you entered the carrier name and shipping service correctly. If the carrier name or shipping service is misspelled, or contains any extra words, the tracking will be marked as invalid.
  • Check that the carrier name you entered is associated with the tracking number you entered. For example, if you use DHL to ship a package, but enter "FedEx" as the carrier name, the tracking will be marked as invalid.
  • Check that you did not enter Chinese or special characters.
    Note: Using Chinese or special characters to manually enter tracking information is considered invalid as Amazon currently does not support these.
  • For the tracking ID, verify the following:
    • Check that you entered the tracking ID correctly.
    • Check that you did not leave the tracking information blank.
    • Check that you did not enter special characters, such as punctuation, in the tracking information which our system cannot recognize. This includes a misspelled carrier name or shipping service, or both.
    • Check that you did not enter Chinese or special characters.
  • Shipment confirmation and update:
    • Confirm or update the tracking information as soon as the package is handed over to the carrier, before the package is delivered to the customer. Please note, it takes up to 72 hours for the report and metrics to reflect any changes.
      Note: If the tracking information is confirmed or updated after the package is delivered, that means the customer was not able to track the order. This is not useful to the customer so the order will not be considered delivered on time and will impact your OTD rate metric.

For more information on how to confirm shipments, go to the Confirm shipments help page.

Which carriers are integrated with Amazon and provide tracking information?

Sellers are encouraged to use carriers integrated with Amazon to ship their packages as these carriers provide real-time tracking status to Amazon. This helps reduce customer contacts and improve seller feedback ratings. To find a list of integrated carriers, go to the Valid tracking rate help page.

I used an integrated carrier, my order was delivered, and I can see tracking details on the carrier website. Why are my orders impacting OTD?

Even though you can see tracking in the carrier website, it does not necessarily mean that your tracking is valid. Ensure that you have confirmed or updated the tracking information for your order before it was delivered to the customer. If the tracking ID is not updated before the package is delivered, this is a poor customer experience and will impact your OTD metrics. Make sure to confirm and update the tracking information before the package is delivered.

What happens if my carrier fails to scan my packages?

You should engage directly with your carrier to try to find a resolution with them. You should also review your labels to ensure that you are using the right delivery method and that labels are being printed correctly.

In addition, you can consider using Buy Shipping, which allows you to buy shipping labels through the seller central interface. When using Buy Shipping, the carrier, shipping service, and tracking ID are automatically provided by the carrier to Amazon, and all tracking IDs received by Amazon through Buy Shipping are considered valid.

How will I know if I am meeting the 97% OTD target?

To view your OTD and download your OTD report:

  1. Go to the Account Health page.
  2. In the Shipping Performance section, click View details.
  3. Select the OTD tab, scroll down and click the Download Report button. Please note that only orders included in your current OTD defect report are counting against your metric. If the report contains no orders, it means that all of your orders were delivered on time.

Please allow 72 hours for the report and metric to reflect any updates.

What are the most common reasons packages that have tracking get marked as delivered late? What should I do?

A package that does not meet OTD requirements will have an "X" in the "Delivered Late" column of your OTD report. If you uploaded tracking information but are seeing it marked as “X”, it might be because:

  • The order was delivered late (after the promised delivery date on Seller Central).
  • The tracking ID you provided is incorrect.
  • Your tracking ID is correct, but it is not associated with the carrier you specified. For example, if you use UPS to ship a package but enter "USPS" as the carrier name, the tracking information will be marked as unconfirmed.
  • The tracking ID and carrier name are correct but you used an unsupported carrier (carrier not listed in the drop down list on the Confirm Shipment page), which we cannot verify.
  • You confirmed or updated tracking information after the order was delivered, or after the ship by date, meaning it was not useful to the customer.

Check to make sure that you entered the carrier and tracking ID for your package correctly. You can change, re-enter, and update the tracking information under Manage Your Orders until the order is delivered. Your metrics will reflect this change within 72 hours.

If you have a package marked with an "X" in the "Delivered Late" column, and you have verified that the tracking ID for the Amazon-supported carrier is correct, try submitting the tracking ID again.

How do I edit a tracking number?

You can edit order tracking information before the order is delivered to the customer.

  1. Go to Orders, and then Manage Orders.
  2. Enter the Order ID into the Advanced Search.
  3. Once you find the correct order, click Edit Shipment and provide the revised tracking information.
  4. Click Re-confirm the shipment.

Allow 72 hours for the report and metric to reflect the changes.

Why am I receiving warning messages when adding tracking ID in the order details page?

You will not be able to confirm shipments if you enter an incorrect tracking ID at the time of confirming shipment for the order. With the new validation feature, an error message will be displayed and you will be prompted to correct the tracking ID.

The carrier provided incorrect tracking information, what should I do?

It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the order is delivered to the customer. When the tracking information is incorrect, the customer is unable to track the shipment using the tracking ID provided by the carrier. In this case, we recommend that you to use a different carrier that shares correct tracking details for your orders.

Why is the OTD report showing orders with tracking ID's as having no tracking ID's?

If you confirmed an order with tracking information and then uploaded or edited the shipment confirmation information again with an empty tracking ID field, the original tracking information will be removed and replaced with the empty tracking ID field. The order is considered as having no tracking ID.

Why is there a fluctuation in my metrics?

When tracking numbers are added or edited, it may take up to 72 hours for the changes to reflect in your metric and report.

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