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FBA Donations program

The FBA Donations program makes it possible for you to automatically donate your unwanted inventory to selected US charities.

How it works

When you request disposal of eligible overstock, returned, or other unwanted FBA inventory in US fulfillment centers, Amazon makes it available to selected US charities.

Our usual disposal fees apply.

The FBA Donations program is only available for inventory stored in US fulfillment centers.

Eligible products

The eligibility of an ASIN for donation is subject to legal, safety, and regulatory guidelines, in addition to charity location, interest, and need.

If a product is not eligible for donation, Amazon will dispose of it in accordance with relevant regulations and safety guidelines.

Products not eligible for donation include the following:

  • Hazardous and dangerous goods
  • Prohibited and restricted products
  • Recalled products
  • Products with internal memory
  • Counterfeit products
  • Products with safety concerns
  • Any other products that may be defective or inappropriate for donation

US program partner

Amazon is partnering with Good360 to distribute donated FBA inventory across their diverse network of US nonprofits, which support people in need. As part of their agreement with Good360, the nonprofits may not sell, trade, or barter donated goods.

The following table provides more information on Good360:

Charity Purpose More information
Good360 Good360 helps nonprofits get the goods they need so they can spend more of every dollar on programs and services. It’s more than just stuff. It’s life-changing resources that transform lives and strengthen communities.

Good360 is a 501(c)3 non-profit


Tax considerations

Amazon cannot provide tax advice to sellers who take part in the FBA Donations program. Contact your tax adviser to discuss the FBA Donations program and your tax reporting obligations.


You are enrolled in the FBA Donations program by default. You can verify your enrollment status by going to Settings > Fulfillment by Amazon > FBA Donations program. When you're enrolled in the program, Amazon will evaluate all of your eligible product disposals for donation.

You can choose to opt out of the FBA Donations program at any time by disabling it in your FBA Settings. Disposals made after you opt out will no longer be eligible for the donations program.


There are no reports currently available to identify how much of your disposal inventory was donated. Amazon is committed to donating as much of your disposal inventory as possible and increasing visibility into your FBA donations over time.

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