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Custom Quote Fees

Important: The following fee structure for Custom Quotes is part of a pilot launched on February 22, 2022. You will be notified of any changes to the pilot program at least 60 days in advance. This fee structure is only available to sellers participating in the CQ program and NOT the Quantity Discount program.

The Amazon Business Custom Quote feature (CQ) enables business customers to connect with a trusted network of sellers and receive favorable offers for their bulk purchasing needs. For sellers, it gives you the opportunity to connect with business customers and participate in bulk deals. This page will give you an insight on the fee structure for transactions processed through CQ and also other more relevant information.

Referral Fees - Generally

For all products, Amazon deducts the applicable referral fee percentage calculated on the total sales price, excluding any taxes calculated through Amazon tax calculation services. The total sales price is the total amount paid by the customer, including the item price and any delivery charges. Referral fee varies by category as described in the current referral fee rates section.

Referral Fees - Custom Quotes

On February 22, 2022, Amazon Business launched a new pilot fee structure for CQ transactions. This will continue through the end of the year. During this period, the fees you pay will be calculated based on the following CQ rates:

Custom Quote Value in $ Fee Applied*
$1 to $10,000 X%**
From $10,001 to $50,000 7%
From $50,001 to $100,000 6%
From $100,001 and above 5%
*This referral fee structure is valid exclusively for seller-fulfilled orders and is subject to changes during the pilot period. The percentages are based on referral fees by category. You can view the current rate here.

**The referral fee applied to the first $10,000 of the quote will be based on the referral fee rates for each category.

The example below explains the fee calculation based on this new fee structure for a custom quote response for kitchen products.

Seller XYZ has received a custom quote request for coffee mugs from an Amazon Business customer. Custom quote requests is available in the Manage Quotes section in Seller Central. The customer is looking to spend $250,000 on this buy. Seller XYZ wants to reply to the request with an offered quote but would like to estimate the fee to be paid for the sale. The following is an example of the estimation of the fees for this sale as per the CQ rates.

For the first $10,000 of this sale, seller XYZ will pay a 15% fee as per the category mentioned in the referral fee rates section, equivalent to $1,500. For the following $40,000 of the sale, as per the CQ rate, seller XYZ will pay $2,798. For the next $50,000 of the sale, seller XYZ will pay $3,000, and for the remaining $150,000, seller XYZ will pay $7,500. The total fee to be paid is $14,780. Based on the previous fee rates for Custom Quotes, seller XYZ would have paid $37,500 ($250,000 x 15%), but with this new fee structure, the seller will save $22,720. The table below will provide a breakdown of this fee calculation:

Custom Quote Value in $ Example referral fee % Example referral fee calculation Example referral fee to collect
$1 to $10,000 15% $10,000 x 15% $1,500
From $10,000 to $50,000 7% $40,000 x 7% $2,780
From $50,000 to $100,000 6% $50,000 x 6% $3,000
From $100,000 and above 5% $150,000 x 5% $7,500
Total collected fee 5.9%

Note: We will keep you informed of any changes to the pilot program at least 60 days in advance.

For more information, go to the Custom Quote FAQ page or watch the Seller University module.

Frequently asked questions

1. When are the CQ fees valid?

The custom quote fees are only valid when the seller receives a Custom Quote request. You can always review the available requests via the custom quote requests page.

In Seller Central, go to B2B, select Manage Quotes from the drop-down menu, and then click Custom quote requests to review available requests. Alternatively, you can also view the Manage Quotes widget on the Seller Central home page.

2. How will I know if there is a CQ fees change

Custom quote fees are subject to changes during the pilot period. Any changes to the fees, other than material aspects of the pilot program , will be communicated to you 60 days in advance.

3. What happens if a customer requests multiple items from the same seller?

Custom quote fees are applicable on a “per product” case. This means that the quoting fee will be calculated on the total amount requested per product and not over the addition of distinct quotes together. For example, if a customer creates a custom quote for two products, one for $50,000 and another for $30,000, fees will be calculated individually for each quote.

4. What happens if I have a recurring contract with a customer? Will the transactions be aggregated to calculate the fees?

No, it is important to consider that fees will be charged for each transaction individually.

5. Will I be able to view a fee calculation screen (Fee explainer) per custom quote order like the one I am able to view for regular orders?

Currently, this feature is not available for custom quotes, but we are working on developing an extra tool to help you understand how fees is calculated.

6. What if I think my fees was not calculated accurately?

If you believe that there was a mistake with how your fees was calculated, write to us at or contact your account manager for further clarification.

7. What if my order qualifies for more than one discounted fee structure?

Amazon will charge the lowest of the fee structure that your order qualifies for.

8. What if I have additional questions regarding CQ fees that is not part of this FAQ?

You can write to us at or contact your account manager.

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