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Amazon Partner Carrier freight class

This page provides information on estimating the required freight class for less than truckload/truckload (LTL/TL) shipments by Amazon-partnered carriers.

Freight class definition and impact

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFA) defines freight class as a standardized classification system used to determine the billable weight and risk of a shipment. Freight class is ranked from 50 to 500 with class 50 incurring the lowest shipping cost and 500 incurring the highest.

Freight class warnings

Sellers are expected to provide accurate packaging inputs when creating a shipment. This packaging information triggers a freight class estimate. If Amazon suspects the freight class of your shipment is too low, a warning will be displayed showing an Amazon estimated freight class. If you are unsure of your shipment's freight class, choose the Estimate my freight class option during the Shipping charges step of the Prepare Shipment workflow.

You will be asked to accept Amazon's estimated freight class. Be aware that shipments with rejected freight class estimates are subject to further investigation. Recurring issues with packaging inputs may lead to Amazon disabling your ability to reject freight class estimates.

Important: If your freight class is too low, you will see the following message: "The freight class you entered is too low. Click Accept to use the freight class estimator tool or click Reject to continue with your current selection. However, repeated inaccurate entries could lead to chargebacks or suspension from the FBA program."

Suspension of freight class selection function

If you find you cannot manually enter your freight class, Amazon has likely temporarily removed this feature due to recurring freight class discrepancies with your shipments. This privilege will be automatically reinstated quarterly.

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