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Customer Service for Seller Fulfilled Prime

All post-order contacts regarding Seller Fulfilled Prime orders will be directed to Amazon Customer Service.

Amazon Customer Service (CS) will provide, and have sole discretion in determining, all post-order customer service to Prime items including customer returns, refunds, and adjustments to Seller Fulfilled Prime items (such as return-less refunds, partial or full refunds, changes to the shipping speed, and shipping price for an order, refunds of the shipping charge, cancellation of an order, or returns including a refund outside the stated return window).

As a part of participation in Seller Fulfilled Prime, sellers agree that Amazon may charge the costs of any returns, refunds, or other adjustments and concessions related to Seller Fulfilled Prime items to your account.

Sellers remain responsible for pre-order buyer inquiries, inquires related to the products, and any order-related questions from CS. You agree that you will be respectful in handling all such contacts and meet the Prime high performance bar related to customer service and customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do if a customer contacts me on an issue related to a Seller Fulfilled Prime order?

  • If the customer asks a product-related question, answer the question directly to the customer.
  • If the question is related to a refund for a return and you have already received the return, process a refund to the customer immediately.
  • If you have not received the return, inform the customer that you will refund them as soon as you receive the product.
  • If the question is on any other topic, such as the return window or how to leave a review, direct the customer to CS who should be able to resolve the customer issue.

2. What should I do if CS contacts me on an issue related to a Seller Fulfilled Prime order?

In general, CS will try not to contact you about Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders. In some cases, Amazon still needs your help to solve customer problems. If CS contacts you on behalf of a customer:

  • Try to solve the customer's problem as quickly as possible. You are required to respond to the customer within two business days.
  • Respond to CS and the customer with the resolution steps that you have taken via buyer/seller messaging. The customer will be copied into the email exchange.

3. Will I still authorize return requests for Seller Fulfilled Prime returns?

No, all in-policy return requests are auto-authorized. You do not need to take any action to authorize returns.

4. How much time do I have to refund after I have received a return on a Seller Fulfilled Prime order?

You have two business days to refund the item after you have received the return at your warehouse.

5. Who issues a refund for a return on a Seller Fulfilled Prime order?

It is your responsibility to issue a refund to the customer upon the receipt of a return. However, CS reserves the right to provide a refund on customers' request in exceptional situations (refer FAQ No.6 below).

6. When will CS provide a full refund to the customer?

Amazon has sole discretion on providing refunds for customers within SFP, however these are the most common scenarios where CS would issue a refund

  1. If the order is delayed beyond the promised date.
  2. If the customer does not need the product any more.
  3. If the order does not have tracking information.
  4. If the customer complains that the product is defective/damaged, has missing parts or a wrong product is received.

Sellers are notified of refund decisions by Customer Service with information on why that refund has been issued (see FAQ No. 12).

7. Will CS contact me to resolve customer issues before issuing a refund?

Ordinarily, CS associates will resolve issues without contacting you. However, CS may contact you via buyer/seller messaging when the customer has a specific product question that the CS associate is unable to answer.

8. What happens if CS refunds the customer but I do not receive the product back?

Ordinarily, Customer Service will ask the product to be returned before initiating a refund. In certain cases, Customer Service may make an exception and ask the product not to be returned. Amazon may reimburse you if your claim meets the criteria in the Seller Fulfilled Prime Reimbursement Policy.

9. Can I work with the customer to repair the product, if it stops working as intended?

At this moment, repair functionality is not available in SFP. Please accept the return and provide a full refund to the customer.

10. Why was a return request accepted or refund provided to the customer outside the return window?

In certain cases, Customer Service may accept a return or provide a refund to the customer even outside the return window. These exceptions are made on a case-to-case basis depending on the customer situation.

11. I received a return for an order that was shipped more than a month ago. Since this is outside the return window, can I refuse the return and send it back to the customer?

No, if the customer was able to return the product it is because Customer Service provided an exception to the customer and accepted the return request outside the return window. You are required to accept all such returns. Amazon may reimburse you if your claim meets the criteria in the Seller Fulfilled Prime Reimbursement Policy.

12. How do I get notified of a refund issued by Customer Service on a Seller Fulfilled Prime order?

  • Go to Seller Central>Settings>Notification Preferences>Return and Claim Notifications.
  • Pending Returns: Enable notification when a return request is either auto-approved or approved by Amazon CS.
  • Refund Notifications: Enable notification when a refund is issued to the customer.

13. Can sellers dispute CS decision to refund the customer?

To dispute a refund amount issued by Customer Service, please refer to Seller Fulfilled Prime Reimbursement Policy.

14. What happens, if CS refunds the customer but I don't think I should be held responsible for the refund?

In certain cases, Amazon may reimburse you if you claim you should not be held responsible for the refund. You can create a SAFE-T claim to ask for reimbursement, please visit Seller Fulfilled Prime Reimbursement Policy to get more information about SAFE-T claims.

15. What happens if Customer Service refunds the customer but the responsibility lies with the carrier?

In the case where the refund happened because of poor carrier delivery performance, typically lost or damaged items, you should contact the carrier directly providing them full details of the case and seek compensation from them directly.

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