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Troubleshoot your invoice

Resolve an issue with your advertising invoice.

Invoice overlaps

Occasionally, you might see an overlap in the invoice date. This is not because you are being charged twice for the same click. Invoice date overlaps can occur for the following two reasons:

  • Same-date overlap: you will frequently see a same-day overlap when you reach your credit limit in the middle of the day and your invoice closes, then another invoice is opened that same day and your credit limit is reset.
  • Several-days overlap: you might see an invoice date overlap of several days when we confirm invalid clicks received prior to the invoice issue date and we open a new invoice for the same period to account for those invalid clicks. For example, you’re issued an invoice for the period of 1st to 15th of the month, and later we discover through traffic validation that there were invalid clicks included in that invoice. Because we can’t make updates to an issued invoice, we’ll start a new invoice for the same period where any credits or debits will appear as invoice adjustments. See Invoice adjustments section below for more details.

Different amounts in your invoice, Campaign Manager , and Advertising Invoice History page

The Spend column in the Campaign manager dashboard shows the total click charges for your campaigns. Because it can take up to 72 hours to complete traffic validation, if you’re looking at date ranges that include spend from the last three days, you may see a discrepancy between the amount in Campaign manager dashboard and your invoice.

The Current billing period section on the Advertising Invoice History page is updated daily, and shows a dynamic view of your accumulating invoice, including any invalid clicks. Because traffic validation can take up to 72 hours to be reflected, you may see a difference between the amount in the Current billing period and the actual charge on your invoice for that period.

To see the exact amount you were charged, refer to your invoice.

Multiple invoices in a month

We charge you each time you accumulate a certain amount of click charges, or credit limit. You may be charged more than once per month if you exceed your credit limit before the month is over. If you do not exceed your credit limit, you are charged only once per month, the first week of the month.

Invoice adjustments

Credits or debits to your account are shown in your invoices as adjustments. We will apply credits to your advertising invoice before charging your payment method.

You may receive credits to your account for various reasons:

  • Promotional credits: You might have received free click credits to your account.
  • Invalid clicks: If we detect invalid clicks on your ads or we validate clicks initially considered invalid, you may receive a credit or a debit to your account to compensate for those clicks. If we validate clicks initially considered invalid, we may add them as a debit in the adjustments section of your invoice. Learn more about traffic validation
  • Over-delivery credits: If a campaign receives clicks that exceed the overall monthly budget, the difference between your spend and your monthly budget may be credited back to your account.

You will find any adjustments in the Total adjustments line in the summary section at the bottom of the invoice.

Can’t download an invoice

If you’re not able to download your invoice, try using a different browser. The recommended browsers are Chrome and Firefox.

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