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Amazon ShopLocal

Amazon ShopLocal is an invitation-only program that allows sellers to ship eligible products within their city, sub-state or state, instead of nationwide, which is required for all other products. Sellers participating in this program can choose to ship products only within their state regions (for example, California), sub-state regions (for example, Southern California), and cities (for example, Los Angeles). Customizing regions outside of those defined in a seller’s Shipping Settings is not available.

The ShopLocal program is currently extending a limited number of invitations to select sellers. If you are interested in the program, apply online.


If you have been invited to participate in Amazon’s ShopLocal program, you will be able to create a regional template limited to your desired regions. Only invited Sellers will have this capability. Once invited, follow these steps to create a Local template in your Shipping Settings.
  1. Go to Shipping settings and then click Create New Shipping Template.
  2. Go to Shipping settings and then click Create New/Edit Shipping Template.
  3. In your template, uncheck the relevant regions and select only the regions that you are interested in servicing.
    Note: You have to select the regions for at least Standard Shipping. This means, for example, that you must enable Standard Delivery in New York City in order to enable Two-Day Shipping in New York City. You cannot enable only Two-Day Shipping in New York City.
  4. Save your template.
  5. Add Inventory to your template. See Assign SKUs to shipping templates for details.

Selection policy

Only certain products are eligible for Seller Fulfilled Local-Only. Eligible products include:

  1. Large and heavy items meeting the following criteria:
    • Weight > 150 lbs.
    • Length > 105 inches (Length defined as the longest side).
    • Girth > 80 inches. Girth defined as Length + Height * 2 + Width * 2.
    • TVs > 40 inches.
    • Any type of lamp.

    You can also offer services on your selection, such as: installation or assembly. Learn more about offering services for your local products on the Services Help page.

  2. Groceries:

    Any product in the Grocery category.

  3. Items with regional distribution restrictions:

    Selection that is restricted from being sold to a certain region can possibly qualify for Amazon ShopLocal. Examples include:

  • Automotive Selection with regional distribution restrictions.
  • Other listings where there are regional distribution restrictions or requirements, for example, nursery licenses for the sale of live plants.

To ensure that your selection is accurately enrolled in Amazon’s ShopLocal program, please include weight and dimension information in all of your ASINs during onboarding. As the seller of record on Amazon, you are solely responsible for controlling shipment of your products, including those items with regional distribution restrictions and you must ensure you select the right regions when creating your shipping settings. Failure to abide by applicable regulations will result in your expulsion from the ShopLocal program, and if relevant, the Professional Healthcare Category.

Furthermore, if you include selection in Amazon ShopLocal that does not qualify through any of the categories outlined above, we will ask you to remove the selection from your regional template or, if applicable, update weight and dimension information. If you fail to do so after two notices, we will reassign the selection to a Standard Nationwide template with a shipping rate of $4.99/Order + $0.99/lb. We will also remove your eligibility to participate in the ShopLocal program. If your eligibility is removed, you can appeal the decision by submitting a plan of action to Describe how, if you became eligible again, you would ensure that your selection in ShopLocal would not violate program requirements again.

Customer experience

Amazon ShopLocal offers are only shown to customers located in deliverable regions. For customers located outside deliverable regions, these offers will not appear in search results or win the BuyBox. If the offers are unique, customers will also see a message in the Offer Listings Page (OLP) stating there are no deliverable offers to their Location. If, while shopping, a customer changes their address to a deliverable region, deliverable local offers that were previously undeliverable will reappear in search and OLP and will be able to win BuyBox.


To remain eligible to participate in the program, your account must also remain in good standing. Existing performance metrics apply.

If you use a Large and Heavy Template, you must also comply with Large and Heavy Performance Requirements.

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