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Create and manage inventory FAQ

What is the seller experience with this change?

Material_composition was a mandatory attribute, and fabric_type was an optional attribute.

We’ll simplify the listing experience by using only one attribute (fabric_type) as the attribute for composition of material. With this change, sellers are requested to use fabric_type when they submit the attribute for composition of material.

To make listing even easier, we are introducing validation on fabric_type and making the attribute mandatory so that users are notified and prevented from creating a new listing with a non-valid composition of material attribute. This validation will be effective from the enforcement date. The fabric_type attribute remains a free-text input. With this change we request that sellers submit composition of material attributes in the valid format.

The changes apply to the following listing experiences: 1X1/Add a product, Custom/Category Template, XSD/XML feeds.

Why is Amazon making these changes?

Customers use the composition of material attribute to discover and evaluate products. This change simplifies the information for a better customer experience.

How do I fill in fabric_type?

For information on this, visit Listing restrictions.

When will the changes take place?

August 20, 2021

What happens to existing ASINs after the enforcement date?

The validation applies to new contributions only. After the enforcement date, you must submit a valid value in fabric_type to list new contributions.

Sellers should review the values in fabric_type for existing ASINs to ensure that the information is correct. Amazon will copy values between material_composition and fabric_type. You will notice this change in your existing inventory. This change doesn’t impact variation themes.

For what types of products will the changes take place?

The changes will take place for the following product types (if available for your country): shirt, dress, pants, coat, sweater, underpants, swimwear, kurta, pajamas, robe, socks, hat, bra, salwar_suit_set, shorts, suit, skirt, blazer, sweatshirt, tunic, track_suit, undergarment_slip, camisole, corset, vest, tights, overalls, underwear, outerwear, sockshosiery, kimono, jinbei, yukata, chanchanko, sleepwear, and saree.

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