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Stores translation

Amazon supports multiple languages for shoppers on the Amazon website. To help provide a seamless experience for shoppers in their language of preference, we will translate your Store content into the website’s supported languages.

Once you submit your Store for publishing and it is approved by moderation, we will translate your Store into Spanish . While translation time varies, most Stores will be translated within five business days.

Once your Store is translated, it will be shown in the language corresponding to the shoppers’ language setting. You can view your Store in the translated language by navigating to your Store and selecting another language in the Amazon language switcher to the right of the main Amazon search bar.

When you submit a new version of your Store for publishing, previous translations will be removed and new ones will be created, repeating the process. While your Store is being translated we will show all shoppers the Store in the default language, regardless of their language selection.

If you see any issues with your Store translation and would like us to remove it, contact Advertising Support.

  • We will translate only the page titles and text fields in your Store. Any video or image with embedded text will not be translated and will be shown as they are to shoppers.
  • For languages not listed above, your Store will continue to be shown in the default language.
  • In rare cases, when Amazon’s ad translation service is not able to provide a translation that meets our quality and ad policy bar, we will not provide a translation.

Translation moderation

The Stores Creative Acceptance Policies also apply to the translated Store.

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