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FBA Onsite fees

Where do I see my Onsite rates?

Go to the Managed Program Portal.

Do I have to purchase shipping for each shipment?

Similar to FBA, Amazon automatically charges your Seller Central account for the Onsite fees on the order ship date. You do not need to take any additional actions to purchase shipping.

Do fees vary depending on customer location?

No. Similar to FBA, you will have flat rates based on product size and weight. You receive your rates based on your warehouse location(s) when you enroll in the program.

How much am I charged for fulfillment with FBA Onsite?

Onsite fees depend on your rates and the size of your shipments.

You can also learn more on the Product size tiers Help page. All FBA fees are charged except Inventory storage fees and FBA long-term storage fees.

How do I calculate package weight and size?

FBA Onsite fulfillment fees are calculated using your rates with the standard FBA fee structure:

Can I calculate which fulfillment method is the most cost-efficient?

Seller Central does not currently have tools to calculate FBA Onsite fees. To calculate estimated FBA fees, go to the Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator.

When am I charged fulfillment fees?

Fulfillment fees are processed on the date your orders ship.

How can I review charges on transactions?

To see charges, go to your Payments report in Seller Central.

Can I use the FBA Revenue Calculator to determine my FBA Onsite fees?

No. Your Onsite fees are specific to your warehouse location.

I ship from multiple warehouses. In order to get the lowest fees, do I need to have inventory available in all locations?

Yes. When you operate multiple Onsite facilities, your rates vary based on inventory availability across all of your sites. When you have inventory available in all locations, you are charged the multi-warehouse rates. If inventory is only available in a single warehouse, you will pay the standard rate.

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