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Customer phone number FAQ

Why do customer phone numbers have extensions on them?

To protect customers’ privacy, we provide you with anonymized phone numbers specific to the customer's order, which allow the carrier to contact the customer during delivery. The extensions allow us to provide a phone number unique to each order.

How do anonymized phone numbers work?

When your carrier calls the phone number during delivery, they will be prompted to enter the five-digit extension for the phone number and the postal code. Once both are entered correctly, they will be connected to the customer.

How can I get customers’ actual phone numbers back?

Customer phone numbers are no longer available to Amazon sellers. We have removed access to these phone numbers to protect customer privacy. If you need to contact a customer, please use the Buyer Seller Messaging Service.

Why can I see actual phone numbers on certain orders?

In limited cases, such as Value Added Services orders, orders shipped to customers outside the United States, and orders using the freight shipping template, we still provide actual customer phone numbers. Please refer to the prohibited seller activities and actions policy for information about appropriate use of customer phone numbers.

How are sellers allowed to use customer phone numbers (anonymized or not)?

Please refer to the prohibited seller activities and actions policy about appropriate treatment of customer phone numbers.

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