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Provide box content information with the web form

When choosing this option, you will initially be presented with one box configuration. A box configuration is made up of the number of units, expiration dates (if applicable), box weights, and box dimensions. If you have many boxes with the same configuration, enter the box information once and then specify how many boxes match this configuration.

Important: Failure to provide accurate box content information might result in blocking of future shipments, and a manual processing fee will be applied.

Note: Accurate carton weight and dimensions are required for all shipments, even if you opt to not provide box content information in Seller Central. For more information, see: Shipping and routing requirements.

If any of your boxes have a different number of units, expiration dates, box weights, or box dimensions, add another box configuration.

For shipments with only one SKU per box, click Add another box configuration at the bottom of the form to create a new row. For shipments with multiple SKUs per box, you can add boxes to the shipment as needed and use the Add another box size option to specify different box dimensions.

If you are unsure of how many boxes will be in your shipment, you can enter box content information for two boxes initially. Then enter information for additional boxes one by one until your shipment is completed.

Note: A SKU can have only one expiration date per box. If you have a SKU with multiple expiration dates, the shipment must be packed in separate boxes so that each box has only one expiration date per ASIN. For more information, see Expiration-dated FBA inventory.

After making sure the information is correct, click Confirm to move to the next step. If you want to complete your shipment later, click Save for later.

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