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Special handling fee

A special handling fee applies to televisions with screens that are 42 inches or larger. Smaller televisions may also incur the special handling fee because of factors such as weight and fragility.

Screen dimensions are calculated as the diagonal measurement between opposing corners.

Fee details

Time of charge When customer order is shipped
Fee structure Per unit sold. Single, fixed rate.

Values used to calculate fee

Screen measurement The diagonal measurement between opposing corners of the screen.

Rate card

The special handling fee is $40 per unit fulfilled. If the television screen is 42 inches or larger, the special handling fee will apply. Starting on April 28, 2022, we will implement a fuel and inflation surcharge and the special handling fee will increase to $42.

You can view if this fee will apply in the Fee Preview report. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Download the report
  2. Identify the product by its FNSKU.
  3. View the product’s estimated total fulfillment fees in the expected-fulfillment-fee-per-unit field. The special handling fee will be included in the total estimate.

Fee example

If a customer buys a 50-inch LCD television that is fulfilled by Amazon, a $40 special handling fee will apply per unit, along with other applicable referral, service, fulfillment, and surcharge fees. Starting April 28, the special handling fee will increase to $42 per unit when the fuel and inflation surcharge is applied.


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