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Amazon negative customer experience (NCX) notifications

Amazon is dedicated to providing a wide selection of products and an amazing customer experience. To protect that customer experience, we may close offers if the negative customer experience (NCX) rate on recent orders is considerably higher than the rate for similar products.

If you get a notification that your offer has been closed because of a high NCX rate, that product will not be available for purchase until you review and address the customer feedback that caused the high NCX rate.

The NCX rate is the number of recent orders for which the customer reported a product or listing issue divided by the total number of recent orders. Product or listing issues can be reported through returns, refunds, customer service contacts, and one-star product reviews.

Review feedback and resolve issues

You can review the customer feedback on your offer on the Voice of the Customer dashboard in Seller Central. To learn more about the dashboard and the Customer Experience (CX) Health of your offers, visit our Voice of the Customer help page.

To take action to resolve the NCX issue with your offer, click the details link in the notification you received. Alternatively, click the Resolve issue button next to the offer on the Voice of the Customer dashboard, and then click the Resolve issue button on the Voice of the Customer details page. For more information, see Resolve your CX Health issues.

Note: The NCX rate of your offers and the closure of offers will not have any effect on your seller account. Offer closures are to prevent further negative customer experiences, give you the opportunity to address issues affecting customers, and relist the offer yourself.

If you have additional questions, visit our help center or contact Seller Support.

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