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Amazon Renewed Listing Guide

How to create a Renewed ASIN

  1. In your Seller Central account, select Catalog > Add a Product.
  2. Click on “I’m adding a certified refurbished product”.
    1. This link will only appear if you are an approved Renewed Seller.
  3. Enter the New equivalent ASIN of the item you will be offering as Renewed.
  4. If there is not an already existing Renewed ASIN you will be prompted to optionally add:
    1. Inventory Quantity
    2. Price
      1. Keep in mind Renewed ASINs must be priced 5% less or more than the new equivalent.
    3. SKU, for your internal bookkeeping.
    4. UPC, cannot be the same UPC as the new item.
  5. Select Create Renewed ASIN.

If you are unable to locate a New equivalent on Amazon, you will need to create your ASIN from scratch.

  1. In your Seller Central account, select Catalog >Add a Product.
  2. Click on “I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon”.
  3. Select the category that best fits your item and drill down until you receive a “Select Category” button.
  4. Enter all necessary information.
  5. For your title you must add (Renewed) at the end. Example: Nikon Coolpix S7000 Wi-Fi Digital Camera (Renewed).
  6. Your condition type must be “New”.
  7. Once all required information is added you will be able to select “Save and Finish”.

Our team will ensure these newly created ASINs are added to the Renewed catalog within 5 business days.

Why am I not able to list my products on Amazon Renewed?

You must be approved to sell Renewed products. If you would like to apply to sell Renewed items please see the Amazon Renewed Help Page for information on the approval process.

If you are approved, and still unable to sell, you can contact Amazon Renewed Seller Support.

Renewed Listing Guidelines

For the best customer experience we expect all Renewed ASINs to follow the below listing guidelines in addition to all listing requirements in the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement :

  • All ASINs must have (Renewed) at the end of the title. For example, Nikon Coolpix S7000 Wi-Fi Digital Camera (Renewed).
  • All Renewed ASINs must be listed at a 5% or more discount than its new counterpart. This is to remain in compliance with Amazon Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy.
  • All images must be adhering to Amazon Product Image Requirements
  • Do not use your seller name as the Brand or Manufacturer, unless your product is a Private Label.
  • Do not mention warranties in your title, descriptions or bullet points.
  • All ASINs should adhere to Amazon Product Detail Page Rules

If you have additional questions, contact Renewed Seller Support in Contact Us in Seller Central.

Renewed Pricing

Renewed repricing rule allows you to automatically adjust prices on the Renewed SKUs in your inventory. Your price can adjust to the relevant New Equivalent Featured Offer with a regular automated pricing rule. Additionally, setting a Renewed repricing rule will raise or lower your prices in response to the New ASIN that is mapped to the Renewed version. That way, if the new version of the product drops, your price will adjust to remain at least 5% lower than the corresponding featured offer on the New equivalent ASIN.

  1. In your Seller Central account, choose Automate Pricing under the Pricing tab, and then click on the Create a customized Pricing rule button.
  2. From the Create a customized Pricing rule screen, select the Renewed pricing rule type and give it a name, and choose the marketplaces where the rule will be active
  3. Next, define the parameters of your pricing rule:
    1. Your Renewed ASIN should always be priced at least 5% below the New ASIN. In the first section, you can specify to reprice your SKU by a certain amount or percentage below New. If there is no New ASIN mapped to your Renewed ASIN, this part of the rule will be ignored.
    2. You can also reprice your SKU in relation to other offers that are made on the same Renewed ASIN. You can stay below, above or match the Featured Offer by a certain percentage or amount.
    3. As you make each entry, a rule summary at the bottom will be updated with your selections
    4. The third section of the rule parameters will allow you to choose the types of offers and conditions that your prices will be compared against.
    5. Finally, let Amazon know whether to pause this rule when your price is updated elsewhere.

After you are satisfied with how your rule is defined, click the Save this rule in Amazon button.

Once you have created a Renewed Pricing Rule, please see Add SKUs to a pricing rule

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