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Understanding coupon errors

To offer good value to our customers, our system runs a number of validation rules on your coupon approximately six hours before the coupon start time. These rules are continuously enforced until your coupon is active. If one or more ASINs in your coupon fail any validation rules, then the coupon offer on that ASIN is disabled and the coupon on the ASINs that pass the validation are activated. Following are a few errors that you might see on your dashboard and the steps to troubleshoot the errors:

Inventory error

We temporarily excluded this ASIN from your coupon due to insufficient inventory.

This error means that you do not have enough inventory to accommodate the customer demand your coupon might generate. When this happens, we disable the coupon from the subject ASIN.

What can you do if you see this error?

Send in more inventory. We will automatically reactivate the coupon offer on this ASIN when you have sufficient inventory.

Star rating is below 3.0

Coupons require a minimum star rating of 2.5 for products with 1-4 reviews and 3.0 for products with 5+ reviews. This error message indicates that the ASIN is not meeting this rule. Products that do not have any review are eligible.

What can you do if you see this error?

Coupons for this ASIN are automatically reactivated within 24 hours after the ASIN meets this eligibility rule.

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