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Stores builder

The Stores builder is a self-service tool that lets you easily create, customize, edit, and publish your Store.

Pages panel

The builder has four main sections:

The Pages panel shows you the pages you’ve added to your Store. This is where you can add, reorder, or delete Store pages, and access the page settings to change the page title and description. To learn more, see Manage Store pages.

Store settings, at the top of the Pages panel, allow you to edit your brand display name, change your brand logo, or delete your Store.

Preview canvas

The preview canvas provides a view of the page you’re editing. In the canvas of an already built page, you can select a section or tile to edit.

The preview canvas provides a desktop view only and at times only shows placeholder icons rather than the products that will actually render. To preview how your Store looks to shoppers, click Preview in the bar above the preview canvas. This lets you see what your Store will look like on desktop and mobile, and gives you the option to share a password-protected preview of your Store with others.

Note: If you’ve added a tile in the builder and don’t see it in the desktop or mobile preview window, go back to the builder, find the missing tile, and click the tile. Then click Done in the tile editing panel to ensure your content saves.

Page sections panel

The Page sections panel shows you the sections and tiles you’ve added to the current page. This is where you can add, edit, and delete tiles from your Store. To learn more, see Manage Store pages.

Status bar

The status bar lets you know when your latest draft was saved and the status of your Store. You will see whether your Store is live or not live, the scheduled publication date (if any), and the current moderation review status of a publishing request.

If there are issues with your Store, such as a tile having no content, or a tile not meeting policy, those issues will be called out for you here so you can correct them and resubmit.

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