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Modify order handling capacity

What is order handling capacity?

Order handling capacity allows you to set a limit for how many orders they can handle in a day. Once this limit is reached, additional orders will have 1 day automatically added to their handling time. This feature allows you to set faster handling times knowing that orders will have adjusted handling times if you receive more orders than your capacity limit.

How is Order Handling Capacity helpful?

  • You can use the limit to help protect against Late Shipment Rate (LSR) when you receive more orders than you can manage.
  • You can set your limit for number of seller-fulfilled orders you have to handle within 0 – 2 days. This allows you to manage your fulfillment capacity, particularly during peak seasons.
  • You can feel more comfortable setting 1 Day Default Handling time. Setting a faster handling time leads to faster estimated delivery times. Customers love faster deliveries and are more likely to purchase products that have faster estimated delivery times. Products with faster estimated delivery times are also more likely to be the featured offers on product detail pages.

How does Order Handling Capacity work?

You can set an Order Handling Capacity. If you receive additional orders beyond this capacity, then those additional orders will have 1 day automatically added to the handling time. For example: A seller sets order handling capacity at 100 orders per day. The seller has 1 day default handling time. The seller receives 101 orders throughout the day. The first 100 orders will have a default handling time of 1 day.

The 101st order will have a handling time of 2 days (1 day default handling time + 1 day adjustment from Order Handling Capacity ). The customer will see an expected ship time of 2 days.

Note: Order handling capacity does not take into account Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders or orders with Premium Ship Option. Learn how to manage Control Prime order volume.

How can I update my Order Handling Capacity?

To update the order handling capacity on Seller Central, follow the below steps:

  • Under Settings on Seller Central, click Shipping Settings.
  • On the Shipping Settings page, navigate to General Shipping Settings tab.
  • Scroll down to Handling Time and click Edit.
  • Scroll down to Order handling capacity
  • Enter order capacity and click Save.

Does Handling Time Capacity affect Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) and Premium Shipping orders?

The order handling capacity only applies for seller-fulfilled non-SFP and non-Premium Ship Option orders (ie. it does not include Prime orders). To control Prime order volume, you (SFP seller) can set your Control Prime order volume in the General Shipping Settings. If you set daily Control Prime order volume limit, the Control Prime order volume limit does not apply towards the Order Handling Capacity.

For example: An SFP seller sets a Control Prime order volume limit of 100 orders and an Order Handling Capacity of 150 orders in their General Shipping Settings.

  • If you have received 100 Prime orders in a day, then those 100 orders would not count towards the 150 Order Handling Capacity.
  • The 101st Prime order received would exceed the the Control Prime order volume limit and be counted as a non-Prime order and count towards the Order Handling Capacity. The remaining Order Handling Capacity for that day would be 149 orders. The remaining Prime capacity for that day would be 0 orders.

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