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Full-Size Appliances FAQ

What is changing in appliances?

Effective June 1, 2021, Amazon will split appliances into two categories, Full-Size Appliances and Compact Appliances (including parts and accessories). Amazon will lower the referral fee on Full-Size Appliances to 8% and keep the referral fee unchanged for Compact Appliances.

Categories Referral fee percentages Applicable minimum referral fee

(applied on a per-item basis unless otherwise noted)

Full-Size Appliances 8% $0.30
Compact Appliances (including parts and accessories)
  • 15% for the portion of the total sales price up to $300.00, and
  • 8% for any portion of the total sales price greater than $300.00

Why is Amazon making this change?

The category split improves the customer shopping and purchasing experience. The customer will be able to browse, compare, and purchase relevant products with less effort.

How does Amazon categorize Full-Size Appliances?

Full-size appliances are not compact or portable. The following product types are included in Full-Size Appliances:

Product type Examples of full-size appliance products
Laundry appliances Appliance is greater than 23 inches in width and non-portable. Examples include top-loading washing machines, front-loading washing machines, dryers, all-in-one combination washers and dryers, and stacked washer and dryer units.
Refrigeration appliances Appliance width is greater than 26 inches. Examples include refrigerators with freezer on top or bottom, side-by-side refrigerators, and French door refrigerators.
Dishwashers Examples include built-in dishwashers and drawer dishwashers.
Cooking appliances Examples include double-wall ovens, single-wall ovens, combination microwave and wall ovens, freestanding ranges, slide-in ranges, and drop-in ranges.

The following product types are not included in Full-Size Appliances:

Product type Examples of products that are not full-size appliances
Laundry appliances Portable washing machines, portable dryers, pedestals, compartments
Refrigeration appliances Compact refrigerators, beverage refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, kegerators, wine cellars
Dishwashers Countertop dishwashers, portable dishwashers
Cooking appliances Cooktops, portable burners or stoves, countertop burners or stoves, portable ovens, countertop ovens, microwave ovens, range hoods, microwave oven hood combinations
Garbage disposals and compactors Garbage disposals, trash compactors
All others Parts and accessories, air conditioners, space heaters

What is a stacked washer and dryer unit?

A stacked washer and dryer unit has only one SKU or model number, shares the control console with both the washer and dryer, and only works properly when stacked. A stacked washer and dryer unit is one single product that can fit into a tight space.

Washer and dryer bundles or pairs are not considered stacked washer and dryer units. Most front-loading washing machines can stack with their matching dryers through stacking kits, but they are two fully functional products. A top loading washing machine and its matching dryer can form a pair, but not a stacked unit. A washing machine with twin tubs for washing and spinning is not considered a stacked unit either.

What is an all-in-one washer dryer combination unit?

An all-in-one washer dryer combination is one single unit that provides both washing and drying functions. A combo has one SKU or model number. It’s not a stacked washer dryer unit or a washer dryer pair.

How can I ensure that I am listing my full-size appliance into the right category?

If you are adding a new product, please check if it’s already in the Amazon catalog. You can go to the Inventory menu, select Add a Product, and then search for the product name, UPC, or ASIN. When you find a match, you can create an offer without creating a new listing.

If you are adding a full-size appliance product not yet sold in the Amazon store, please go to the Inventory menu and select Add Products via Upload. From there, you can either search the product name to find all relevant product types or use the Product Classifier to start from Appliances, and then select each lower level product type until you see the Select button. Once you click the Select button, you will see the exact product type and item_type_keyword that will be used in your template. If the item_type_keyword appears in the list in FAQ 8, you can go ahead to click Generate Template and add your full-size appliance product.

If you need to update your listing, you can go to the Inventory menu and select Manage Inventory. Search the ASIN, SKU, or title to find the product you want to update. Click Edit on the right side and then go to the Vital Info tab, where you will find attributes such as item type keyword and dimensions. After updating with accurate information, click Save and finish.

How will the listing creation experience change?

When creating a new listing in appliances, certain product attributes, such as product width, will be required across all listing experiences (custom templates and single listing creation) to ensure a consistent customer experience. The necessary dimension information enables customers to make sound purchase decisions and may reduce returns due to missing or incorrect attributes. See below for attributes required by product type.

Product type Attributes required
Laundry appliance item_width, item_depth, item_height, unit_of_measure, package_weight, item_weight, model_number
Refrigeration appliance item_width, item_depth, item_height, unit_of_measure, package_weight, item_weight, model_number
Dishwasher item_width, item_depth, item_height, unit_of_measure, package_weight, item_weight, model_number
Cooking appliance item_width, item_depth, item_height, unit_of_measure, package_weight, item_weight, model_number

Which item_type_keywords are included under Full-Size Appliances?

  • full-size-clothes-washing-machines
  • full-size-clothes-dryers
  • stacked-washer-and-dryer-units
  • all-in-one-combination-washers-and-dryers
  • full-size-refrigerators
  • built-in-dishwashers
  • drawer-dishwashers
  • single-wall-ovens
  • double-wall-ovens
  • combination-microwave-wall-ovens
  • free-standing-ranges
  • slide-in-ranges
  • drop-in-ranges

What will happen to existing ASINs?

Amazon will audit existing ASINs and assign them to the correct categories. You can also update the attributes with custom templates or by updating them one at a time.

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