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Sales reports for virtual product bundles

Virtual product bundle sales are not available in most reports in Seller Central at this time. When a customer buys a virtual bundle, the sales are passed through to each of the components in the bundle and the bundle ASIN does not record a sale (according to most Seller Central reports).

This allows you to easily manage your inventory without keeping track of new ASINs or SKUs. However, you may wonder about the performance of your bundles

To help you measure bundle sales, the default contact email for your Seller Central account will be sent a report about once a week with a link to download a CSV breakdown of your bundle sales from the past 90 days. This email report will be sent to you as long as you have had at least one bundle sale in the past 90 days. The report has one row for each day that a bundle ASIN was sold. It has the following columns:

  • Date: Format is Year/Month/Day. If there is no row for a date, the bundle had no sales then.
  • Bundle ASIN
  • Bundle title: The first 100 characters of the bundle title.
  • Bundles sold: Units of your entire bundle (not components) ordered.
  • Total sales: Sum (bundle price * bundles sold). These are ordered product sales for your bundles.

    The download link will expire about 6 days after the email is sent. After that, you can wait for the following week’s email report which will contain data for previous weeks. Note that anyone with the link can download the report, so be careful about sharing it.


I did not receive my report emailed to me this week

Reports may be delayed occasionally due to increased data processing times or other issues. Check your spam folder. If necessary, wait for the following week or refer to the last FAQ to calculate your bundle sales.

Reports are only sent to sellers who have had a bundle sale in the past 90 days. Check your previous reports to make sure you have had a bundle sale in the past 90 days.

I have never received a report

The Product Bundles Sales Report is only sent to sellers who have had a bundle sale in the past 90 days. If the report was never sent to you, it may be because you have not sold a bundle during that time frame. Otherwise, check your spam folder, verify that your contact email is up-to-date in Notification Preferences, and make sure that your email program is configured to accept emails from us. Our emails have the following configuration:

  • Sender Name: Amazon Brand Services (Do Not Reply)
  • Sender Email Address:
  • Subject: Product Bundle Sales Report

How do I change the recipient of the Product Bundles Sales Report email?

Visit the Notification Preferences page. Then find the Product Bundles Sales Report and edit the email for that report.

Do bundle orders appear in Manage Orders?

Yes, bundle orders appear in Manage Orders > View FBA orders.

You can look them up using order IDs. You cannot look them up by bundle ASIN or SKU at this time, as bundle orders are passed through to the component ASINs.

How do I see traffic for my bundle?

You can visit the Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Child Item report in Business Reports. This report will contain traffic information, but it will not show sales or units.

How do returns and cancellations affect this report?

If a bundle order is canceled or returned, this report will not change, as the report only reflects ordered product sales.

Can I calculate my total bundle sales using Order Reports?

In some instances, this can be done. If your bundles have discounts, you may notice that some of the sales on component ASINs in bundles are recorded with discounted sale prices, reflecting the bundle discount. You may be able to use these to distinguish regular sales from bundle sales.

First, determine the discounted sale price of each component in the bundle. You can do this by visiting your bundle’s detail page and looking at the sale price shown on the widget that lists each component ASIN in the bundle. Then, filter your All Orders Report to see which orders of component ASINs have been recorded at those special prices. These may be bundle orders.

How can I get past reports of my virtual bundle sales?

The bundle email report will contain the past 90 days' data. At this time, additional past data is not available.

How can I see canceled and returned orders for virtual bundles?

Customers are able to return and/or cancel individual components that are ordered as part of the virtual bundle. You can see these returns and cancellations like those of any other ASIN. At this time, you cannot look up canceled and returned orders by bundle ASIN.

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