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Global Express

Program Overview

Global Express (GE) is an end-to-end global export program that allows you to list, sell and deliver products from your warehouse in the United States to worldwide customers door to door. By joining this program, worldwide customers are able to search, browse and purchase your products on

Program Benefits

At no extra charge, you can expand your global business with the following program benefits:

  • Customers from 100+ countries will be able to discover and buy your products on
  • Amazon helps you identify which of your products are eligible for Global Express.
  • You can benefit from Amazon negotiated international shipping rates from a trusted network of shipping partners to fulfill your international orders through Buy Shipping services.
  • Amazon handles Import Fee Deposit collection and payment with destination country customers and shipping partners.
  • You will enjoy the performance safeguard benefits on delivery-related metrics: Negative Customer Feedback, A-to-Z Guarantee claims, Valid Tracking Rate. To learn more, see Table 1 on Buy Shipping Services.
  • You can default your entire catalog, or select which products you want to include in this program.
  • You do not need to create or manage new listings, or new seller accounts on the other marketplaces.

Enrollment and Settings

Program Enrollment

Currently the Global Express program is only eligible for Sellers in the United States. Eligible Sellers will receive the program enrollment link in email invitations. Once you click Enroll on the program page, Global Express Shipping Settings will be activated in all your Shipping Templates. SKUs assigned to the Global Express-enabled Shipping Templates will be available for exports.

Alternatively, you can manually manage your SKUs by following the instruction under Shipping Settings.

Note: If you have not received the invitation email and you are interested in joining the Global Express program, send your inquiry to

Shipment Settings

To activate Global Express Shipping Settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Check or provide a non-PO Box United States shipping address in General Shipping Settings.
  2. Create New Shipping Template or select an existing Shipping Template, click Edit template.
  3. Switch on Shipping Region Automation, click Edit Information.
  4. Select one or multiple US addresses in Ship-from Location, skip or select carrier preferences in Domestic Shipping Automation (optional).
  5. Switch on Enable Global Express and click Next.
  6. Review shipping options and click Confirm in the Automated Shipping Settings.
  7. Save the Global Express enabled Shipping Template and repeat for other Shipping Templates, if needed.

Note: SKUs that are assigned in the existing Shipping Templates will be immediately enabled in the program. In a Global Express enabled Shipping Template, Amazon will manage Transit Time, and Shipping Fee should be populated in the International Shipping setting. You can adjust the shipping fee accordingly, but you will not be able to modify countries and regions. You can remove the Global Express enabled Shipping Template from SKUs that you do not want to enroll in this program, see instructions in Assign SKUs to Global Express enabled Shipping Templates. Domestic Shipping setting is required in any Shipping Template.

Region Settings

To exclude destination regions or countries in the program, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Global Express Region Setting.
  2. Select any destination regions or countries that you would like to exclude from the program.
  3. Once you save the changes, the selected destination regions or countries will be removed from all Global Express enabled shipping templates.
Note: Global Express Region Setting will only apply to the existing Shipping Templates that are enabled in the program. This setting will not impact to the International Shipping options in other Shipping Templates. When you enable a new Shipping Template, return to the Global Express Region Setting page to save again.

Assign SKUs to Global Express enabled Shipping Templates

Select one of the following options to assign SKUs to Global Express enabled Shipping Templates:

Option 1

Use the Seller Central Manage Inventory page for up to 50 changes at a time: select one or more SKUs you want to update, click Actions in the top-left corner, and select Change shipping template.

Option 2

Use feeds for more than 50 changes.

Excel feed: The Inventory Loader has a column called merchant_shipping_group_name. Use this feed to assign SKUs to Shipping Templates.

XML feeds: The product XML feed contains an attribute named MerchantShippingGroupName. Use this attribute to assign SKUs to Shipping Templates.

Learn how to save and upload the template, see video tutorial.

You can use both options to remove Global Express enabled Shipping Template from the SKUs you do not want to export in this program.

Buy Shipping

For Global Express orders you must buy shipping using Amazon's Buy Shipping Services. You will not get paid if you buy shipping outside of Amazon's Buy Shipping Services.

Tip: Why do I get an error when I try to confirm Global Express (GE) Shipments via Uploading Your Shipping Confirmation File feature on Seller Central?

To prevent you from accidentally confirming Global Express orders using shipping outside of Amazon, Uploading Your Shipping Confirmation File feature on Seller Central is disabled for GE orders.

Deactivate Global Express

To stop receiving Global Express orders, follow the steps below:

  1. Select an existing Global Express enabled Shipping Template, click Edit template.
  2. In Shipping Region Automation, click Edit Information.
  3. Under Domestic Shipping Settings, if your Domestic Automation is enabled, click Next and switch off International Automation.
  4. If your Domestic Automation is disabled, click Cancel and switch off Shipping Region Automation.
  5. Repeat the above steps for each Global Express enabled Shipping Template to stop receiving Global Express orders.
Note: You will be responsible for fulfilling any pending Global Express orders even after deactivating Global Express in all your Shipping Templates.

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