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Keyword attributes explained


The table below explains the keyword attributes that sellers encounter when managing product listings. Most of the keyword attributes require valid values, which can be found in Browse Tree Guides (BTGs). The attributes specific_uses_keywords, thesaurus_attribute_keywords and target_audience_keywords are primarily used in the U.S., and are being phased out. Free text can be input for generic_keywords and subject_keywords. Subject_keywords should only be used for Media products. You don’t have to populate platinum_keywords as they are now redundant.

Field Name Attribute Name Description Values Length Limit (Bytes) Indexed by Search? Used by Browse?
Intended Use specific_uses_keywords Describe the context the product is used in, which can be an activity or location e.g. gaming, bedroom. This attribute is primarily used in the US and is being phased out. N/A (being phased out) 150
Item Type Keywords (ITK) item_type_keyword ITKs automatically assign products to browse nodes and are primarily used in the US. See valid values in BTGs. 250
Other Attributes thesaurus_attribute_keywords Describe features of a product e.g. waterproof, glow-in-the-dark. This attribute is primarily used in the US and is being phased out. N/A (being phased out) N/A
Platinum Keywords platinum_keywords No longer used. Previously used to populate platinum sellers storefronts, this attribute is redundant. N/A (phased out) N/A
Search Terms generic_keywords Describe products. See help page. Free text. 249
Style-specific Terms style_keywords Describe apparel items e.g. ankle-boots, fur-lined. See valid values in BTGs. 100
Subject Keywords subject_keywords Subject Keywords should only be used to describe Media products. Free text. 210

Media only

Subject Matter thesaurus_subject_keywords Describe what is depicted on a product e.g. a poster depicting horses. See valid values in BTGs. 250
Target Audience target_audience_keywords Describe target end users e.g. women, children, dogs. This attribute is primarily used in the US and is being phased out. N/A (being phased out) N/A

How is this data used?

Sellers populate attributes and Amazon uses the data to help customers find products. For example, Amazon uses the data to generate search results for customers keyword searches. The data is also used to automatically assign products to browse navigation, another way in which customers find products. For example, the browse assignment query of “style_keywords:sport-sandals” assigns products that have a style_keywords value of sport-sandals to the Sports Sandals browse node.

Should I use the drop-down list or free text?

On the Keywords tab that sellers see when adding or editing listings in Seller Central, sellers can either select a drop-down value or enter free text. Free text must match a valid value listed in the BTGs, so that it is possible to use the data in browse queries. Amazon does not publish the full list of valid values; rather, we direct sellers to the BTG that corresponds to the product category in which they sell, in order to ensure that they focus on the values that are relevant to them.

Length Limits

Search Terms (generic_keywords) should be less than 250 bytes long (read more). If it exceeds the limit, the attribute is completely ignored by Amazon Search.

For other length limits in the table above, if limit exceeds, Amazon Search indexes up until the length limit and ignores any excess.

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