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About the Brand Dashboard

Getting started with the Brand Dashboard

Brand Dashboard is a tool available exclusively for Brands to optimize their business in the Amazon store. The Brand Dashboard helps identify opportunities to improve customer experience (CX), traffic, and conversion.

Brand Dashboard is only available in the United States to brand owners and to those who are responsible for selling the Brand in the Amazon store. If you do not have access to this feature, then you have not been identified as a brand owner. Visit the Brand Benefit Eligibility page to identify as a brand owner and gain access to the Brand Dashboard and other brand-exclusive benefits.

This page contains information on how to use the Brand Dashboard.

Brand Health

Customers expect products to be consistently available for purchase at competitive prices with the convenience of Prime shipping. Amazon values these expectations and has set customer experience standards for all sellers in our store. To maintain these standards and provide a great customer experience, you can review and resolve your brand health issues for the following metrics:

  • Prime Eligibility: Products that are eligible for Prime can ensure a better shopping experience and may see a higher conversion rate. Enroll your products in Fulfillment by Amazon or Seller Fulfilled Prime to make them Prime eligible.
  • In-stock Rate: Going out-of-stock may have both short-term and long-term impact on customer experience as well as your traffic and sales. Replenish your products to keep them in-stock.
  • *Price Competitiveness: Keeping your prices sharp may improve your chances of becoming the Featured Offer on the product detail page and improve your offer's search discoverability. Set your price (+ shipping) at or below the competitive price to ensure that your offers are eligible to be the Featured Offer on the product detail page.
  • **Selection Completeness: Offering your selection directly can help you ensure a great customer experience, improve traffic and sales, and build brand loyalty. Improve selection by identifying products on the Brand Catalog Manager that you may want to offer directly.

*If we did not find your branded products sold by other retailers, your Price Competitiveness information may not be available.

** Selection Completeness information is not yet available for all brands.

If you have high-impact ASINs, Amazon displays the trailing 30 days and past three months performance of your High Impact ASINs on the Brand Dashboard, and compares it with a target for high performance. High Impact ASINs are products that may be important to customers and your business in the Amazon store. It is based on multiple factors such as those that receive a high number of page views compared to other products in the Amazon store or show early signs of sale potential. We evaluate ASINs periodically to determine if they qualify as high impact and may remove a prior high-impact designation on ASINs based on such review.

To maintain your performance against the customer experience standards, use the Brand Dashboard to identify issues for High Impact products and take measures to resolve them. If your brand underperforms relative to the customer experience standards over time, certain brand benefits or selling privileges may become unavailable until performance meets the customer experience standards. If your brand is ever at risk of losing benefits due to consistent under-performance, we will notify you before withdrawing benefits from your account.

To learn more, see the Brand health help page.

To review the policy for all brands selling in the Amazon store, refer to the Standards for Brands Selling in the Amazon Store policy.

Conversion Recommendations

You can improve conversion on your products by having high-quality detail pages and good product reviews. We track the number of your products that can be improved, including cases where you are missing a product description, bullet points, or images. We have seen that customers are more likely to purchase a product when the brand has invested time in creating a high-quality detail page.

To learn more, see the Conversion on the Brand Dashboard help page.

Traffic Recommendations

Optimizing search keywords and investing in advertising can help increase traffic for product detail pages. We track the number of your products that can be improved by optimizing search keywords or adopting Sponsored Ads.

To learn more, see the Traffic on the Brand Dashboard help page.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews page on the Brand Dashboard provides brands with an easy way to keep track of all the new customer reviews on their brand’s products. Monitoring customer sentiment can be important to help identify and correct product or listings defects, detecting and reporting abuse, or commenting on customer reviews. Before using this feature, we suggest you refer to the Answers to Questions about Product Reviews page.

To learn more, see the Customer Reviews on the Brand Dashboard help page.

Add your brands

If you have additional Brands that are not reflecting on the Brand Dashboard, contact Selling Partner Support.

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