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Custom Quote FAQ

Custom Quote allows Amazon Business customers to purchase products in bulk (500 units or more, or $10,000 or more) and negotiate pricing and quantity with a trusted network of suppliers to get more favorable deals.

Amazon Business customers, whose needs are not met with existing Amazon bulk offers, can provide details such as quantity, target price, desired delivery date, and deadline for the request. Amazon collects this information and sends it to sellers participating in the Custom Quote program. Sellers can then view and respond to the requests on the Manage Quotes page in B2B Central. Sellers can choose to offer a quote or ignore the request by selecting one or more reasons if they cannot meet the buyer’s criteria.

What are the changes made on Seller Central?

Go to the B2B tab, select Manage Quotes, and then click Custom quote requests to manage all quote requests. Additionally, when you have at least one active quote request on your Custom quote requests dashboard, you will receive a notification on the home page.

Why is my offered quote ‘Under Amazon Review’?

It takes up to 24 hours for Amazon to create a private offer for the requesting customer. If your custom quote response is ‘Under Amazon Review’ for more than 24 hours, there may be an issue that requires your attention before the expiration of the requesting customer’s quote. Your ASIN may not be eligible to be sold on Amazon. Ensure that your ASIN listing meets Amazon policies before you offer a quote.

For more information about Amazon policies, go to the following pages:

Can I cancel a response or an order?

You can cancel a quote submission only after the status changes from ‘Under Amazon Review’ to ‘Offered’. It may take up to 24 hours (typically about 20 minutes) for the status to change. The customer will only see the offer when your status is changed to ‘Offered’. However, once the customer confirms the order, you cannot cancel it. Canceling the order after a customer purchase may lead to suspension from the quoting program.

Can I edit a response?

Currently, you can only edit a response by canceling and resubmitting the response. You can only cancel the response once the status changes from ‘Under Amazon Review’ to ‘Offered’ (which may take from 20 min to 24 hours after submission).

How does Amazon create a private offer? What steps do I need to follow after I submit an offer?

Once you submit a quote response, Amazon creates a new temporary SKU for that customer (it may take up to 24 hours to show on the Inventory Management dashboard or MYI ). Once the SKU is created by the system, you cannot make any changes through MYI or third-party tools. Doing so may result in the customer being unable to claim the offer or your quoted price being available to all customers. You should also make any updates needed to your inventory management systems or third-party tools to prevent updates to this temporary SKU. If you have to cancel or update your offer, you should only do so through the Manage Quotes page.

Why do I see duplicate customer requests on the manage quotes page?

You might see multiple requests from the same customer if you have multiple SKUs on the same ASIN.

What do I do when the custom quote request is above the existing 999 cart limit?

You can create a new case-pack ASIN using the one-by-one method. You can either offer a single unit case-pack for the total requested quantity, or offer multiple units of a case-pack which add up to the total requested quantity. For example, if a customer wants 1500 widgets, you can make a case pack of 30 units for the customer to purchase 50 case packs, or 1 case pack of exactly 1500 units.

What shipping template do I use for custom quote?

You can create an additional shipping template that includes the free shipping option. Do not enable the Two-Day Shipping option on the shipping template.

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