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Frequently Asked Questions about business pricing rules

I set my quantity discounts as a percentage off in Automate Pricing. So why is it showing as a fixed price discount in Manage Inventory/Manage Pricing?

The difference is driven by which price is used to set the quantity discount.

Quantity discounts viewed and updated through Manage Inventory and Manage Pricing are based off of the single unit business price. However, Automate Pricing syncs both your business price and quantity discounts with your standard price.

If a SKU is managed by a business pricing rule in Automate Pricing, each time the standard price is updated the fixed price discount appearing in Manage Inventory and Manage Pricing will be recalculated by applying the percentage discount entered in your business pricing rule to the updated standard price.

What happens to my business price if …

Prices change automatically within the minimum and maximum prices that you set. To help you understand how business pricing rules in Automate Pricing work, this table describes what happens to your rule or price under certain circumstances.

Event Result
You have a promotion on your standard price. A promotional price will not affect your business prices and quantity discounts managed by Automate Pricing. Automate Pricing will continue to reprice the selected SKUs based upon the most recent standard price submitted.
Note: In Manage Inventory, the standard price used for repricing is captured in the standard price field. An SKU with a promotional price is designated by a standard price outlined in green; the sale price displays when hovering over the standard price field.
You have a standard price rule for the same SKU in Automate Pricing. You can have up to one standard price and one business price rule for the same SKU in Automate Pricing. Any repricing actions taken on your standard price will automatically trigger an update to your business price and/or quantity discounts within the minimum and maximum price thresholds that you set.
You update your standard price to be less than the minimum price threshold set in Automate Pricing. Your pricing rule is paused for that SKU, and your price remains at the last price before the pricing rule was paused. To restart the rule, go to Automate Pricing, select the rule, and select Resume to restart the rule for the SKU.
Note: The same minimum and maximum thresholds are applied to your standard price, business price, and quantity discounts. As a result, submitting a standard price below your minimum threshold will suppress your offer. For further details, see My offer is suppressed after using Automate Pricing.
You add an SKU that does not have an existing business price or quantity discount to a business pricing rule. If a SKU does not have business pricing, Automate Pricing will create the business price and quantity discount as soon as you click Start repricing. The initial price set will depend on the associated rule parameters and the SKU’s current standard price. You can view the business price and quantity discounts created in Automate Pricing, Manage Inventory, or Manage Pricing.
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