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Set your Manage Inventory page preferences

To customize your page view, click Preferences at the top of the Manage Inventory page.

You can personalize your page view in the following ways:

Note: "(Recommended)” indicates a default option.

Column display

Select which columns to show or hide. The columns you select to see will be combined with search filters from the Manage Inventory page, resulting in a customized Listing table.

Sort order

Select how you would like to order your listings as well as whether you’d like it in an ascending or descending order.

Edit dropdown location

You can find multiple action items for your listing in the Edit dropdown. This setting allows you to change whether you see this dropdown on the left or right side of the listing.

Show shipping charges in Price columns

This option is available only if you selected Item/Weight-Based shipping model on the Shipping Settings page.

If you want the lowest shipping charges to appear in the Your Price and Lowest Price columns, select Display shipping charges in your inventory’s Price columns. When you click Match Low Price in the Edit dropdown, you will use the Total price (item price + shipping) in the Lowest Price column for comparison.

If you select Do not display shipping charges in your inventory’s Price columns, matching is only based on the item price.

Default filter option

There are two filters you can set the defaults for:

  • Status: The complete catalog, active listings, inactive listing
  • Fulfilled by: All, Amazon, or merchant

Number of results per page

Select the number of results you want to see on each page in Manage Inventory.

Low price comparison

See Match Low Price for more information about this feature.

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