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Create a Social Media Promo Code

You can create social media promo codes to offer a percentage discount to customers on eligible products and share it with the customers through social media and influencer marketing content. Use this promotion type to create more targeted promotions, where you control, how it's marketed and how the customers redeem it.

Once you create a social media promo code, you will receive a URL for each promotion that is a unique marketing page and displays eligible products promotion details.

The marketing page exclusively features your offers. Share this URL on social media to refer customers to redeem on Amazon and promote sales for your products. Customers can add products to their cart directly from the marketing page and the discount will automatically apply at checkout.

Note: Customers can redeem the discount from this page while your promotion is active. You can preview the page before the promotion starts. However, do not share the link until it is active. Once the promotion ends, messaging on the page changes and customers will not receive a discount. They can still view your products through the same link.

Social media promo codes can start four hours after they are created and can run up to 30 days. You can customize the claim code to feature your brand name, product, sponsored influencers, or upcoming events. Claim codes must be 8 to 12 alphanumeric characters in length including the numeric prefix.

The discount must be at least 5% off and not exceed a maximum of 80% off the current price. You can allow customers to redeem the discount on one unit of an eligible product or multiple units, and in one checkout or multiple checkouts with the "Redemptions per customer" feature.

This type of promotional offer is not merchandised on Amazon’s deals page or product detail pages. You can share your promotion with customers to drive sales. Customers can redeem the promo code through the marketing page (which automatically applies the discount to their account) or can apply the promo code at checkout with eligible products in cart.

To create and share a social promo code promotion:

  1. In Seller Central, go to Advertising > Promotions > Create a promotion > Social Media Promo Code.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Once the promotion has started, open the marketing page URL.
  4. Share this URL with customers on social media or your marketing channel of choice. As a best practice, communicate ‘limited time only’ or ‘while supplies last’ to notify your customers that the deal may sell out.
Note: This promotion type may combine with other offers when customer is checking out. Click on Claim codes and combinability to learn more.

Want to drive more traffic to your promo code? Click on Sharing Promo Codes with Amazon Influencers and Associates to learn more.

For reporting, you can download a sales report per promo code. Navigate to Advertising > Promotions > Manage Your Promotions. View the desired promotion and click Download Report.

For more information about promo codes, including best practices, examples of shared promo codes, and more, view related course Introduction to Social Media Promo Codes in Seller University.

Note: This feature is currently available in US marketplace only for sellers who are approved in new Amazon Brand Registry, or Professional sellers with positive feedback rating (+80% positive feedback, at least 20 ratings to seller account). Sellers who do not meet this criteria cannot access this option in the Seller Central.
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