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Sponsored Display targeting

Choose which audiences you want to see your Sponsored Display ads, or which products or categories you want to target on Amazon. During campaign creation, you have the option to target your ads by selecting Audiences or Product targeting.

Sponsored Display can help you reach your advertising and campaign goals through automated engagements in which we optimize for audiences most likely to convert to purchase.



Selecting views enables advertisers to reengage shoppers off Amazon who previously viewed your products or products similar to yours.

We show your promoted products to shoppers who have viewed your product detail pages or the detail pages of similar products in the last 30 days. This excludes shoppers who are unlikely to purchase your products (such as those who have recently purchased a similar product). Creatives are auto-generated based on your product details.

Views is charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, so you are only charged when someone clicks your ad. Amazon will adjust your bid up or down depending on the likelihood of a conversion. You control how much you spend by setting a daily budget. and

Product targeting

You can select the Product targeting option to show ads to shoppers who are visiting products and categories that you select, and similar products.

Product-targeted ads run across desktop, mobile web and mobile app. The creative for your campaign is automatically generated.

Product targeting is charged on a cost-per-click basis, so you are only charged when someone clicks your ad. Bids for Product targeting are adjusted down only. Bids are set at an ad group level. You can also adjust bids for each product or category you target, which overrides your ad group bid. Learn about targeting

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