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Local Delivery program

With no extra seller fees, you can participate in the Local Delivery program to expand your business and increase sales in your home country. Local Delivery allows you to fulfill orders directly to customers in your home country, using the inventory that you might have already stored locally.

  • With Local Delivery, customers in your home country can shop for your products on and have their products fulfilled locally without worrying about the complexity of international buying.
  • Customers in your home country can benefit from faster shipping (three to five day transit time or faster) and no import fees.
  • You store your inventory locally and use that inventory to fulfill orders to customers in your home country.

Following are the benefits of this program:

  • Improved visibility and discoverability of your products for customers in your home country.
  • Improved chances of winning the Buy Box for customers in your home country.

Local Delivery customer experience

Customers in your country shopping on are able to see your offers ship to them faster, and usually they are less expensive as your products are delivered within the same country. They can see these delivery benefits on the product detail page and the offer listing page. They can also find your products in the search results by using the Ships Locally filter. Products included in the Ships Locally search results display a fast local-shipping message. Your products might also appear on the merchandizing pages relevant for customers in your home country.

Local Delivery program enrollment

The Local Delivery program is applicable to you if you are based outside of US and its enrollment is currently by invitation only.

To participate in this program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be located in a participating country.
  • You have an account with a professional selling plan and can create Fulfillment by Merchant listings.
  • Your default shipping address and the inventory is in your home country and you can use that inventory to fulfill orders to customers in your home country.
  • You offer a standard shipping option with a maximum of three to five days of transit time.
  • Local Delivery program currently is a pilot available in limited countries.
  • You are automatically removed from the Local Delivery program when you change your default shipping address to a country not participating in this program.

Enroll SKUs for the Local Delivery program

You must enroll in the Local Delivery program in order to enable local delivery in your shipping templates. After enrolling, your shipping templates display the Local Delivery checkbox in your home country section. You are required to offer fast local-delivery speed after you select Local Delivery.

If you are invited to this program, you can find the enrollment banner on the Shipping Settings page. During the enrollment process, you can choose to enable local delivery by updating all your existing shipping templates at one-go or manually updating them one by one. Updating all the existing shipping templates automatically updates the transit time and shipping fees for your home country and enables local delivery for all your existing templates. The SKUs assigned to these templates are automatically enrolled for local delivery. You must confirm that you have inventory in your home country for SKUs assigned to all the existing templates and can adjust shipping rates for each template. While manually updating the shipping templates, you can enable local delivery by following the steps below:

  1. Select Settings > Shipping Settings
  2. From the shipping templates list, click the template you want to enable for local delivery.
  3. On the top-right, click Edit Template.
  4. In the home country section, select the Local Delivery check box.
  5. Confirm that you have inventory for the SKUs assigned to the template and then click OK. Your shipping template is now modified with settings enabled for local delivery.
  6. Check the settings and adjust shipping rates.
  7. Save the shipping template

To create new templates, follow step 4 and step 5 above, and assign SKUs to the new template.

Enabling/disabling Local Delivery

To enable/disable local delivery, you can edit your shipping templates by selecting and clearing the Local Delivery check box in your home country section.

Note: If a customer has a product that was enabled for local delivery in their shopping cart prior to disabling this feature, the customer is still able to order this product for local delivery. We understand this is an inconvenience, but this is done to preserve the customer experience. You must ensure that these orders are delivered to the customers on time by fulfilling the local-delivery promise.

Local Delivery sales report

To generate the sales report from local delivery orders, follow these steps:

  1. Select Orders > Order Reports
  2. Select New Orders > Request Report
  3. Select a date range and click Request.

Filter your home country to view orders shipped to the local customers.

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