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Small and Light prep and packaging guide

Packaging checklist

  • All ASINs meet program eligibility requirements and have been enrolled in Small and Light. To verify enrollment, go to Small & Light Inventory.
  • Units are not bundled, and each individual unit must have has an Amazon barcode.
  • Products comply with standard FBA packaging and prep requirements.
  • If you plan to use FBA Label Service, each unit has a single scannable barcode that uniquely identifies the product, such as an EAN, UPC, ISBN, GCID, or JAN.
  • Barcodes are placed on the outside of each unit in a flat, easily accessible, scannable location. Do not place barcodes on the corner, curve, or seam of a package.
  • Glass and sharp objects are safely packaged to prevent breakage or injury. For more information, go to Packaging glass, ceramic, breakable, and fragile units and Packaging sharp units.
  • Crushable items such as potato chips and glass are prepped and packaged so that they do not crush or break when shipped. Broken or crushed items will not be received at the fulfillment center and will be removed or disposed of at your expense

Shipment checklist

  • Shipment contents match the shipping plan.
  • Shipment does not contain dangerous goods (hazmat) or items that are temperature-sensitive, meltable, or crushable.
  • If applicable, pallets are single-stacked and front-loaded with no more than 22 skids per trailer.

Tips for success

  • Do not send shipments with excess inventory. For more information, go to Manage Excess Inventory.
  • Send shipments only to the fulfillment center that is specified on the shipping label.

Helpful videos

Unique program requirements

  • Each unit must weigh 3 lb or less and must have dimensions of 18 x 14 x 8 inches or less.
  • Each unit must have an Amazon barcode. Units must not be bundled and must comply with standard FBA packaging and prep requirements. Units that are not properly prepped must be removed at your expense. For more information, go to Remove inventory (overview).
  • FBA Small and Light cannot accept dangerous goods (hazmat), crushable, or temperature temperature-sensitive items
  • FBA Small and Light shipments are not eligible for FBA Inventory Placement Service.
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