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Video Content Policy

This Video Content Policy covers the rules for videos uploaded to Amazon and applies to all content you submit as a video creator. We take the integrity of our community very seriously, and any attempt to manipulate this policy is strictly prohibited. If you violate this Content Policy, we may restrict your ability to upload and manage videos, or we may suspend or terminate your account entirely, in each case without any obligation to reimburse you for any costs or expenses you may have incurred. Please note that this Content Policy may be modified from time to time, so you’re encouraged to check back for updates.


  • You must have an active Amazon Seller account to upload and manage videos in Seller Central.
  • If your selling privileges are revoked (pursuant to the Amazon Selling policy guidelines, or otherwise), you will not be eligible to manage and upload videos, and your previously uploaded videos may be removed from the site.
  • If we suspend or revoke your video privileges due to a violation of this Content Policy, you will not be eligible to upload videos until further notice from us, and your videos will be removed.
  • Your video must be entirely in English.
  • All suspensions apply to the account holder. Any attempts to circumvent suspensions by creating additional accounts or identities will result in the permanent disabling of said accounts.


  • All claims, both express and implied, must be supported.
  • You may provide your personal opinion, provided it is clearly noted as such. Any claim that could reasonably be interpreted as a factual statement must be accurate and substantiated.
  • Claims that relate to product characteristics such as safety features, performance, technical specifications, dimensions, weight, etc., must be accurate.
  • Any awards that are mentioned or depicted (for example, “Product of the Year 2017”) must be supported by the details found on the product’s detail page.
  • You must be the brand owner of all product ASINs being promoted in your videos.

Competitor comparisons

  • Comparisons that mention the name of a competitor brand must be strictly factual and objective. For example, “Product X has an incredible 8GB of RAM, which is 2GB more than Product Y,” is acceptable.
  • Competitor comparisons must not be defamatory or derogatory. For example, “Product X is easy to use and looks great, much better than Product Y, which is a piece of junk” is not acceptable.
  • You cannot mention seller authorization, for example, “Product only sold by authorized sellers.” You cannot reference your company as seller or distributor, nor can you provide any company contact information.

Prices and promotions

Videos must not contain prices, promotion information, discount claims (including words such as “cheap,” “affordable,” “on sale,” etc.), or time-sensitive information.

Product guarantees and warranties

You may only reference manufacturer-provided product warranties and guarantees and may not create, modify, or offer to modify them. For example, do not say: “If you purchase from us, we will extend your warranty by one year,” or, “Don’t contact the manufacturer for warranty work, contact us!”

Customer reviews

  • If you mention customer reviews, you must include accurate product information that can be substantiated. For example, the claim, “This is my favorite face cream for making wrinkles completely disappear,” implies that the product objectively makes wrinkles “completely disappear.” This is not a claim that any product could substantiate. Therefore, you should not use this customer review.
  • You may ask viewers to leave reviews for your products, but you may not directly ask for positive reviews. For example, you can say, “Please leave a review and tell us what you think.” You cannot say, “If you liked our product, please leave us a five-star customer review”.
  • If you use a customer review that is an Amazon Vine customer review, you must mention this verbally in the video.
  • Any customer review you use must be less than one year old.
  • If a customer review compares a product to a competing product by name, it must meet the requirements under Competitor Comparisons section above.
  • Do not truncate or modify the customer review in any way that could change its meaning.

Restricted products and claims

Alcohol related products:

  • All products by alcohol manufacturers or distributors are strictly prohibited.
  • Alcohol-related products by other manufacturers or distributors are permitted, for example: wine bottle openers, beer dispensers, glassware, etc. However, the following rules apply:
    • Do not encourage, feature or refer to behaviors that suggest irresponsible drinking. For example, grabbing a wine bottle in a mock drunk manner and holding it to one’s mouth (even if obviously in jest) is not permitted.
    • Do not encourage excessive consumption. For example you cannot say, “Get this cocktail mixer and you could have fresh margaritas every night,” “You never need an excuse to make cocktails,” or, “Have a beer first thing in the morning.”
    • You cannot disparage abstinence from alcoholic beverages. For example you cannot say, “This is more fun than making lemonade,” or, “Quality shot glasses are a must have for parties.”

Health, beauty, and weight loss:

  • Do not make health claims, medical claims, or refer to medical conditions (for example, “This would be great for acne”) unless they are accurate.
  • Do not provide medical advice.
  • Do not claim that health products are as good as or better than prescription or over-the-counter products.
  • Do not claim or imply that a product can cause customers to lose weight without also following a balanced diet and doing exercise.
  • Do not claim that a product can guarantee weight loss results.
  • Do not refer to a rate of weight loss of greater than two pounds a week, as this could be unsafe.

You should not include the following other unacceptable product categories in your videos:

Conduct and content

Any content you share should not:

  • Contain nudity, sexually suggestive content or provocative imagery (such as models in blatantly sexual or prurient poses), or depict pornography or sexual acts.
  • Include any web links, URLs, or calls to action that direct the customer away from the product detail page.
  • Be deceptive, false, or misleading, or impersonate a person or brand.
  • Imply unauthorized endorsements or refer to specific celebrities in any manner, unless your brand has received an official endorsement from such celebrity.
  • Divert viewers away from Amazon. For example, you cannot direct viewers to visit an external website.
  • Infringe on another's intellectual property or other rights. For example, unless you have obtained permission from all relevant third parties, do not play music or include images, artwork, or other audiovisual works in your videos. You should also avoid wearing clothes, jewelry, or accessories with prominently visible branding if you don’t have permission from the brand owner.
  • Disclose personal or private information, or require viewers to do so.
  • Be emotionally exploitative, controversial, shocking, or likely to cause viewers distress.
  • Be socially insensitive. For example, do not use phrases that are discriminatory, sexist, or racist. Do not engage in divisive discussions concerning politics or other sensitive topics such as scandals, reproductive rights, firearms, etc.
  • Contain foul, vulgar, or obscene language or scatological references.
  • Be obscene, foul, vulgar, defamatory, libelous, abusive, harassing, invasive of another's privacy or otherwise illegal.
  • Endanger your safety or the safety of others.
  • Threaten, encourage, promote, or depict violence or graphic imagery.
  • Encourage antisocial or nuisance behaviors. For example, do not encourage skateboarding indoors or smoking on public transportation.
  • Interfere with, or attempt to interfere with, navigation on the page.
  • Include any information on shipping details.
  • You may only upload videos about products that are available for sale on


  • Content you share in the community must not be directed at children. Children’s products are eligible for uploaded videos, but content must not be directed toward children.
  • If a child is shown in a video, the child’s appearance must be directly related to products being discussed, and you must have the written consent of the child’s parents and/or guardians.
  • Any nudity or sexually suggestive content containing minors, including minors modeling swimwear and children’s undergarments, is strictly prohibited.


Amazon will protect the customer experience, and in doing so will reflect the spirit, not merely the letter, of this Content Policy. Amazon reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account, or pause or remove any content that we deem to be negatively affecting the viewer experience, whether or not the behavior has been explicitly prohibited by this Content Policy. This Content Policy does not comprehensively list every type of content that Amazon could restrict or block, nor every basis on which Amazon may restrict or block content.

Other terms and conditions

In addition to this Content Policy, your uploaded videos are subject to Amazon's Community Guidelines.

By participating in the community, you accept our Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy, agree to abide by applicable laws, rules, regulations and guidance, and you release Amazon and its affiliates from any claim or liability arising from your content. If you are authorized to create a video on behalf of an Amazon seller, you must clearly disclose such relationship, and the terms of the applicable seller agreement will apply to your participation in the community.

In addition to and without limitation of the foregoing, if you are a seller, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions set forth in the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, you waive all moral rights, rights of privacy, and rights of publicity in the content you submit to the community, and you agree to provide Amazon with any necessary third-party permissions, clearances, and releases upon request.

If this Content Policy conflicts or is otherwise inconsistent with any other policy, conditions or guidelines referenced herein, this Content Policy will govern.

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