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Same Day handling time FAQ

1. What is the difference between Same Day handling time and Same Day Delivery?

Same Day handling time applies only to Domestic Standard and Expedited Delivery options. Orders are only required to be picked, packed, and shipped the same day (subject to order cut-off times) when Same Day handling time is enabled.

In contrast, Same Day Delivery is a Premium Shipping option available to sellers who meet high delivery standards. Same Day Delivery requires the order to be delivered to the Customer on the same day it was ordered (subject to order cut-off times). Amazon mandates that orders using this option be picked, packed, and shipped the same day. Click here to learn more on Premium Shipping Options and Same Day Delivery.

2. How does this feature apply to Prime orders?

By default, Prime orders with Standard Delivery are expected to be shipped the next day after receiving an order. You will have the option to enable Same Day handling time for a Prime enabled shipping template. When enabled, you will be required to ship products the same day for Standard Shipping to non-Prime members.

6. Is Same Day Handling Time applicable to Scheduled Delivery?

No, at this time Same Day handling Time is not applicable for Scheduled Delivery. You may have a Same Day handling time for Arranged Delivery options

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