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Recalled Products

How does Amazon get notified of recalls?

Any product subject to a recall (by the manufacturer, brand owner or a government regulatory agency) is prohibited from sale on Amazon. The following guidelines are aimed at providing sellers an overview of the product recall process.

  • Regulator-announced recalls

    Regulators (ex. USDA, FDA, CPSC, Health/Transport Canada, etc.) typically in cooperation with the manufacturer (recalling entity) announce recalls. Principally each regulator maintains public announcements of recalls and a record of past recalls on their websites. The announcements on these websites include the product name (identifying information), the nature of the product issue, scope of impacted product, and customer remedy.

  • Manufacturer-driven recalls

    In this recall, the manufacturer, brand owner, or supplier directly notifies retailers and other supply chain partners about the product issue before (or in some cases, entirely without) the regulator’s involvement. In these cases, the manufacturer can choose to create their own page providing details on this issue or not.

What happens after a recall is announced?

Following a product recall (Regulator or Manufacturer-driven) announcement,

  • Amazon suppresses all product listings of products impacted by the recall.
  • Amazon notifies all past customers of a publicly announced recall. Market withdrawals are handled on a case-by-case basis if policy or law requires messaging.
  • Inventory owners, begin to remove inventory (Fulfillment by Amazon sellers).
  • Inventory removal is completed.
  • Inventory owners (FBA sellers) and 3P sellers submit a Letter of Compliance to Seller Support via Contact Us.
  • Amazon Product Safety verifies that all inventory owners have removed inventory, and if Letter of Compliance meets the minimum standards (See Letter of Compliance below), Amazon Product Safety will reinstate the product.

To learn more about the requirements for recalled products and where to acquire this information, watch the video on Information about Recalls.

What should I do as a seller of recalled products at Amazon?

  • You are responsible for products you listed on Amazon’s website. If one of the products you offer for sale is recalled, then you are responsible for complying with our policies and applicable law. Review your product listings and notify Amazon of recalled products by providing the below information:
    • Reason for the recall
    • Affected Product ASINs/Titles
    • Date manufacturer started distribution of recalled product
    • Marketplaces affected by the recall
    • Any communications that has been sent already to customers about the recall
    • Inventory disposition (return or destroy), if applicable
    • If return, a return address and authorization number (if necessary)
    • Attach relevant documents
    • Add your email address
    • Add your contact information
    • Embed lists within a paragraph
    • Do not use ordered (numbered) lists in concepts unless your list has a logical order or ranking that cannot change
  • You must remove all inventory for the recalled product regardless of the lot code, batch date, expiration date, serial number, or other identifier.
  • You must coordinate and respond to any communications from regulatory agencies that contact you regarding your recalled products.
  • Do not ship any pending orders for this product yourself. Relisting of products impacted by a recall on Amazon’s website will result in the removal of your selling privileges.

How will my customers know if they purchase a recalled product?

If you are a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) seller, any pending customer orders for recalled products will be cancelled and customers will be notified.

Customers who have purchased the affected product in the past through Amazon’s website will receive a notification regarding the recall including a link to the recall notice that contains instructions on what to do with the impacted product.

How do I relist my product after a recall?

You would have already received a link to an URL in an email from the Amazon Global Product Safety and Compliance team. This resource will help you identify the recalled units so that you may work with the manufacturer on the remedy.

After removing your inventory, contact Seller Support and provide them with a Letter of Compliance. The letter must consist of below minimum information:

  • Must be from the manufacturer, on the manufacturer's letterhead, and signed by a relevant stakeholder.
  • Brief statement (1 to 2 sentences) of the reason for the recall.
  • Identification of the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and product requested for reinstatement.
  • How the current/incoming inventory is not subject to the recall and is compliant with all regulatory standards.
  • Must be submitted in PDF or Word document format.
  • Once your inventory is cleared and a letter of compliance is received, products can be reinstated for sale on Amazon’s website. Please note that reinstatement can be delayed until all recalled inventory has been removed from Amazon fulfillment centers.

Recall Process Flow

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