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Experiments FAQ

How do I get access to Manage Your Experiments?

Manage Your Experiments is only available in the U.S. for selling partners who own a brand and are responsible for selling the brand on Amazon. If you don’t have access to Manage Your Experiments, make sure you’re registered with Brand Registry. If you are already part of Brand Registry please contact Seller Support.

Why can’t I find the ASIN that I want to experiment on? Or, why isn’t the ASIN I want to experiment eligible for experimentation?

You may only experiment on high traffic ASINs of your brand that have A+ content published. Make sure you have published A+ content on your ASIN, and that it is your brand’s product. Then, consider using advertising to help drive additional traffic to your ASIN.

How do I create new content for my experiment?

Your new experiment content must be approved content that is applied to the exact same ASINs as your existing content.

To create your content, we recommend following these steps:

  1. In Manage Your Experiments, follow the link that says ‘Start by duplicating Version A’
    • This will create a new A+ project that already has the exact same ASINs attached as your existing content
  2. Edit your new A+ project. For best results, make sure to make it as different as possible from the existing version.
  3. In the top right corner of the A+ content manager, click ‘Next: Apply ASINs’. Then, click ‘Next: Review & submit’. Then, click ‘Submit for approval’. In the confirmation dialog box, click ‘Submit for approval’

Why is no content showing up in the Version B drop-down?

First, make sure you have created a second version of content for your experiment, and that the content isn’t in ‘Draft’ status. Your Version B content must be submitted and approved to show up in the drop-down. Second, make sure your Version B content must be applied to the reference ASIN in the experiment to show up in the drop-down. The reference ASIN is the ASIN you chose during the experiment setup process, and you can scroll down on the Experiment Setup page and see the ‘Reference’ badge next to your reference ASIN.

I am seeing a message that says Version A has different ASINs applied than Version B. How do I fix this?

To have a fair experiment, we require that both versions of content have the exact same ASINs applied before you can submit your experiment. To fix this, copy the list of mismatched ASINs that we show you in the Manage Your Experiments tool. Then, go to the A+ content manager and add the ASINs to the version of content that is missing them.

Why don’t I see results yet?

We calculate experiment results every week or two. In rare cases, results may be delayed while we process the data associated with experiments. Keep checking back; results will automatically show when they are processed and become available.

Why should I keep my experiment going if early results suggest a clear favorite?

Because on random chance, early experiment results may not be representative of the true impact of your experiment. Every time you “peek” at the results before an experiment ends, you increase the chance of making a decision based on unrepresentative results, which reduces the validity of your experiment. So, we recommend you don’t make a decision based on interim results. Wait till your experiment ends to identify the winner.

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