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Authorize a return request

Individual sellers that opt for manual authorization and Professional sellers that receive out-of-policy requests have the option to manually review requests. To do so:

  1. In Seller Central, select Orders, then click Manage Returns.
  2. To authorize a single return request, select the request you want to review.

    You will be prompted to either use the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number generated by Amazon or enter a custom RMA number of your own. When you approve a buyer's return request, Amazon sends the buyer a return label with an address. They will see this RMA number on the return authorization slip below the return label.

    By default, the return label is not prepaid. You will have the option to use either an Amazon-generated unpaid return label, or upload your own custom prepaid return label. With the Amazon label, your return address is automatically generated on the label.

    Note: To change your address, go to your Account Info, then click Return Address. If your returns are under manual authorization, you will be prompted to choose a return address. You will have the option to use either one of your previously saved return addresses or to add a new return address.

    For more information, see Return labels and Pre-paid return label requirements.

  3. To authorize multiple return requests at the same time, select the requests you like to review. On the Manage Returns page, select Authorize all selected returns from the dropdown menu.

    To receive return request emails with links to authorize, close, or reply, you can configure your settings by selecting Settings, clicking Return Settings, and then selecting the related checkbox. Learn more.

    Note: Individual sellers and Professional sellers that receive out-of-policy requests also have the option to automatically authorize return requests. In these instances, Amazon will issue an unpaid label to the buyer. Professional sellers that have SKUs exempted from the prepaid program will have the option to either manually review or automatically authorize return requests for the exempted SKUs.

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