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Using your preferred language in your inventory File template

This feature enables you to choose the language in which you will submit listing content in your inventory file template. This will be set to English by default as that is the default language of our US Store, but you now have the option to select other languages.

Whichever language you select for submission you will need to submit in that language for all of the SKUs in that template. You can only submit in a single language per SKU and if you are submitting in a language other than English, your submitted content will be machine translated to English for display to customers on the detail page. Your submitted non-default language content may also be used on the detail page for customers browsing in that language. If you are unhappy with the translated content you can submit a full update on the SKU in English, but your non-default language content will be removed.

Note that we recommend providing brand name in the manner you expect it to be shown to your customer regardless of the language – if you have an English brand name, please provide it in English.

Changing your Language for listing

  1. Navigate to the Download an Inventory File tab on the Add Products Via Upload page.
  2. In Step 1, select your product categories as normal.
  3. In Step 2, select a template language. This will enable you to download a template with attribute names and definitions in your selected language.
  4. Once you have changed a template language you will see a new option directly below the template language where you can select the listing language. By default this will be set to English, but you can now change it to other languages.
  5. Select either Advanced or Custom mode.
  6. Click Generate template to download the template.
  7. Once downloaded, add listing content to the template in the listing language you selected.
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