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Send to Amazon: Choose inventory to send

Now that you have created packing templates, you can proceed to step 1 in creating a shipment with Send to Amazon, Choose inventory to send.

To choose inventory to send, follow these steps:

  1. Select your Ship from address. This is the address from which you’ll send your inventory. By default, this will show the last address from which you shipped.
  2. Select the Marketplace destination. This is the Amazon marketplace where your inventory will be sent.
  3. Select a SKU, choose an existing packing template, enter the Number of boxes to send, and click Confirm. If an expiration date is required for your product, you will be prompted to enter it.
  4. After adding all the inventory you want to send and verifying the prep and labeling fees (if applicable), click Confirm and continue.
Note: Make sure to select the packing template that matches the inventory you’re sending. You can change SKUs or quantities until you confirm shipping in step 2 of the workflow. At this stage in the workflow, your inventory selection will have an associated Send to Amazon workflow ID. Once you confirm shipping, shipment IDs and Amazon reference numbers are assigned.

To learn how to change or cancel your shipment, see Send to Amazon: Change or cancel your shipment.

Frequently asked questions

What are the “All FBA SKUs” and “SKUs ready to send” tabs?

All FBA SKUs displays all of your SKUs that have been converted to Fulfilled by Amazon for the marketplace destination you selected. SKUs ready to send lets you review just the SKUs you’ve selected to send to a fulfillment center.

What is "Ship from"?

This is the address from which your inventory is shipped. By default, this will show the last address you shipped from. You can change this address until you confirm shipping in step 2 of the workflow.

Important: Amazon requires an accurate ship-from address to ensure proper placement of your inventory and the accuracy of shipping charges.

What if I have a partial box in addition to a few full boxes to ship?

Currently, for each shipment you create in Send to Amazon, you can only use one packing template per SKU. We are working to enable shipments with more than one packing configuration per SKU.

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