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Search Query Performance dashboard


Brand analytics is available only to sellers who own a brand. You must be internal to the brand and responsible for selling the brand on Amazon. If you are not able to access brand analytics, visit the Brand Benefit Eligibility page to identify as a brand owner and gain access to brand analytics and your other brand-exclusive benefits. If you believe that you do fit these criteria but still don't have access, contact Selling Partner Support.

If you see an error message stating “You do not have permissions to access this page,” request your primary account administrator to grant you permissions to “Amazon Brand Analytics” in the global user permissions page.

The Query Performance dashboard shows brand owners how customers are searching for their brand, which focuses on the search results stage.

What information is contained in the Query Performance Dashboard?

The Query Performance dashboard provides visibility into the performance of the top search terms associated with your brand, based on customer search behavior. The report surfaces query volume, impressions, clicks, add-to-cart, and purchases.

Each row of the report shows the performance of a single query associated with your brand’s catalog, aggregated for a selected time period. The total number of populated queries will vary based on your catalog size, with a maximum of 1000 query results.

The search queries are selected based on their overall performance in search results, and includes organic and Sponsored Products originating from the search results page for all customers. It excludes traffic from widgets on the search page such as "Top Rated " or "New Arrivals."

How can I use the information in this dashboard?

By understanding how customers are discovering your products, you can fine-tune your marketing strategies and enhance your listings (including A+ content) by adding keywords that align with customer interests. You can also use this data to spot trends that may represent new product opportunities.

What does “-” value means?

The metric value of "-" means that the data is unavailable. This occurs when data has not been captured for the selected time period, or if the metric has been newly added.

How are impressions calculated? What actions are included or excluded as an impression?

An impression is counted every time the ASIN is displayed in the search results page. For more information on precise definitions for each dashboard metric, go to Metric Glossary.

Why do these metrics not match the metrics I see in other dashboards?

The metrics in the Query Performance dashboard do not replace metrics found in other Amazon reports, including advertising dashboards. The purpose of this dashboard is to highlight your brand’s performance in search so all metrics are specific to search results. Since dashboards may attribute and define customer actions in different ways, we do not recommend comparing the metric names of data across different dashboards.

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