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Selling Applications FAQ

Why do certain products require approval to sell?

To protect customers and maintain their trust, we place selling restrictions on certain products. We may place restrictions to ensure that products sold in our store are safe, authentic, or meet local and regional regulations.

For certain restrictions, Amazon requires sellers to submit an application through Seller Central for review. If your request is approved, you will be able to list the product. However, we may not be accepting applications for every product we place selling restrictions on.

How can I tell if a product requires approval?

For existing products in our store, you can see if approval is required by searching for the product you want to list in Add a Product. Click Show limitations to view which approvals are required.

For new products not in our store, we recommend searching for similar products in Add a Product. Selling restrictions present for existing products similar to yours are likely to be present when you create your listing.

You can also refer to Categories and products that require approval to see if the product type or category you intend to list in has selling restrictions.

If you tried to add your products via a feed and received a listing error, use Add a product to view the approval requirements for the ASIN that returned the error.

What selling restrictions are typically placed on products?

Selling restrictions are either placed on individual products or groups of similar products (such as products belonging to the same brand). Selling restrictions may be placed on the following attributes:

  • Individual ASINs
  • Brands
  • Brands within a specific category
  • Categories
  • Sub-categories

Some products may have overlapping selling restrictions that will require you to submit separate applications to become approved to sell a single product. For example, you might need to submit an application for the brand in addition to the subcategory the brand is listed in.

How do I apply to sell my product?

From the Seller Central Home page, click Catalog and select Add Products.

  1. Search for the item you want to sell.
  2. In the search results, click Show limitations link next to the item.
  3. Click Apply to sell to begin the application process.

What do I do when there isn’t an “Apply to sell” button for my product?

We are not accepting applications to sell that product currently. Check back often as selling restrictions may change over time. Selling Partner Support is unable to provide additional information regarding these decisions.

How do I manage my selling applications?

When you open an application by clicking Apply to Sell in Add a Product, a draft is automatically created on your Selling Applications dashboard. From the dashboard you can open your draft to review requirements and submit your request, view the status of your submitted applications, or re-apply. You can also search for applications by type (For example, ASIN, Brand, Category).

What do I need to submit to have my application approved?

Requirements vary by product. You can review approval requirements for your product by clicking Apply to sell on the Add a Product page and then clicking Request approval on the next page.

When asked to upload documents such as purchase invoices, pictures of your physical product, or compliance documents, ensure that the document you provide meets all requirements listed on the Selling Application page. If any information is missing or a requirement is not met, your request will be declined.

I provided the right document but my request was declined. What do I do?

Review the correspondence we sent to your case log or email client and review the approval requirements again. Your documents may not have passed our review. You’re welcome to submit a new application, provided that you upload new documents for review.

I tried to apply but received the message “Your account does not qualify.” What does that mean?

We have determined you are not eligible to sell this product at this time. Selling Partner Support is unable to provide additional information regarding these decisions.

I was already selling this product, but now I can’t.

As our catalog grows, we continuously make new determinations for which products should be restricted based on a number of factors. Even if you were selling your product before, you may be subject to new restrictions for the following reasons:

  • We have placed new restrictions on existing products that either require you to qualify or that we’re not accepting the applications currently.
  • You have received a performance notification related to your product and are required to provide additional information before you can sell it again. You can view these notifications through your Performance Notifications or your Account health page.

I think the ASIN I’m being asked to qualify for is misbranded. What should I do?

You may refer to the Amazon Brand Name Policy page.

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