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High-volume listing fee

To cover the costs associated with cataloging and maintaining large numbers of SKUs on, a monthly fee is applied based on the highest number of active SKUs from the 5th–31st days of the month. The first 1.5 million SKUs that meet these criteria will not be charged the High-Volume Listing Fee. Sellers do not need to pay the fee for the first 1.5 million active SKUs per marketplace.

Fee details

Time of charge Monthly, on the first day of the month.
Fee structure Per active listing. Single, fixed rate, applicable to listings greater than threshold.

Values used to calculate fee

Number of active SKUs above 1.5 million You can view a list of your current SKUs that satisfy the criteria for the fee by going to the Inventory tab in Seller Central, selecting Inventory Reports, and then selecting High Volume Listings Report from the drop-down menu on the page.

Rate card

Eligible SKU count Rate Charge frequency
Less than 1.5 million SKUs None N/A
More than 1.5 million SKUs $0.001 per SKU over 1.5 million Monthly

Fee example

Formula Monthly fee = (Max count of SKUs – 1.5 million) x rate per SKU
Examples Let’s say you have 1,000,000 active SKUs in a given month. Your High-Volume Listing Fee would be $0 since you have not exceeded your free allowance of 1,500,000 active SKUs. However, if you have 1,600,000 eligible SKUs, you will be charged $100. This fee is calculated as $0.001 on the 100,000 active SKUs over the free allowance.
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