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Download payment reports

Payments reports help you understand your account activity by providing a detailed breakdown of transactions during a given settlement period.

The top of the Payments Report Statement View shows you the date and the amount of pay you can expect on your settlement date. We update this information automatically.

For your seller account to be settled, it must have had activity during the settlement period and either a positive or zero account balance. Referral fees and refunds can affect your balance. When your account is settled, a report for the settlement period is posted on the All Statements page, and you can download this information.

A settlement report can include the Federal Automated Clearing House Trace ID assigned to your fund transfer. If it has been more than five business days since Amazon initiated the transfer, your bank can use the Trace ID to research the status of your deposit.

To download a statement report:

  1. Go to the All Statements page of the Payments report in Seller Central.
  2. Use the Select Date Range filter to narrow the results to the time period of your choice, if desired.
  3. Click one of the Download buttons in the Actions column for the settlement period you're interested in.
    • Download XML: An XML file that you can open in a program such as Microsoft Excel.
    • Download Flat File: A tab-delimited text file.
    • Download Flat File V2: Fulfillment by Amazon sellers can use this file with the Settlement Summary Template to build a pivot table that provides a simplified display of details by order. Learn more about the Settlement Summary Report.
  4. Save the file to your local computer, and open it using a spreadsheet or database program.

To learn how to pull reports for custom date ranges, see Date Range Reports.

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