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Resolve your CX Health issues

Monitoring your offers’ CX Health can enable you to serve your customers better. On the Voice of the Customer dashboard, you can review comments to identify issues affecting customers. If you identify a problem, you can act to remedy it.

The following options are available for all offers.

Update the product detail page

If comments indicate that the product detail page is confusing the customers, we recommend that you update the page. Some common problems include missing compatibility details, incorrect sizing charts, and poor-quality images. Choose the Edit listing option to change the title, bullet points, product description, or images. For more information, go to:

Create a removal or disposal order for the ASIN

If you sell your product through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and if comments on the Voice of the Customer dashboard indicate that customers received the wrong item, we recommend removing the inventory for that ASIN and relabeling it. If comments indicate the product was damaged because of improper internal packaging, is defective, or doesn’t work as advertised, we recommend removing or disposing of the inventory.

If your offer has been closed, you will also see options as in the following sections. Note that in order to reactivate your offer, after you select one of these options you must complete the relisting action on the inventory management page to which you will be redirected. Also note that even after addressing the CX Health issues identified on the Voice of the Customer dashboard, your offer may continue to be unavailable due to other problems (for example, lack of inventory, policy violations, and so on).

Relist your product

If your offer has been closed and you have addressed the problems identified in customer feedback, you can relist your item without contacting Amazon. You can also use this option if you don’t think the customer feedback on the Voice of the Customer dashboard indicates any systemic issues with your product or listing. However, promptly addressing issues that cause negative customer experiences can help you avoid closure of your offer.

Dispute the closure of your offer

If you believe that the customer feedback on the Voice of the Customer dashboard which led to closure of your offer is inaccurate or false, you can dispute the closure and relist your item without contacting Amazon. You will need to include the reason for the dispute before relisting. For example, delivery issues, customer misunderstanding, or fraudulent comments.

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